Lynx AMR is also known as Lynx Anti-Material Rifle. This new insane weapon is the only gun that shoots through the armored truck and all vehicles. Check out how to find and use it effectively.

Lynx Power
Optimize the power of Lynx to get Chicken Dinner.

I. Lynx AMR Guide

The new Anti-Material Rifle in PUBG Mobile is the rarest and most powerful gun now with the highest base damage point of 118HP per hit. Check out some tips and tricks to use this new weapon effectively.

#1. Shoot Through Vehicles

Lynx AMR is the strongest weapon in PUBG Mobile and BGMI now. Its bullets can penetrate through more than five cars. But the more cars the bullet goes through, the less damage it causes to the target. Therefore:

  • If you are the shooter, count the hit points based on the number of vehicles the enemy stacks to hide.
  • If your enemy has a Lynx AMR, don't hide behind your car. It's not safe anymore. The opponent can still kill you even when you are wearing a level-3 helmet and vest.

But there are some other ways to stay alive from this powerful weapon. It ensures that Lynx does not break the balance of the game.

Go Through Many Cars
Its bullets can go through many cars.

#2. Stay Alive From Lynx AMR

Lynx AMR is very deadly, but PUBG Mobile players can still get protected from its bullets. You can stand behind the wall because the bullet of this gun cannot go through walls. It also works when you stand behind the container, rock, and tree.

So, it's not very dangerous when you are not on the open ground. The bullet of this new Anti-Material Rifle only goes through vehicles and players' armor sets easily. It makes sure that the players with Lynx do not play like a hacker and annoy the rest on the battleground.

Stay Behind The Wall
If you want to live, stay behind the wall.

#3. Blow Up Vehicles

One of the best tips to use Lynx AMR is blowing up vehicles with it. You can attach a 4x or 6x scope to this gun and shoot moving vehicles. With only 3-4 accurate shots, the moving vehicle will explode and kill the enemy inside if he cannot get out of the car on time.

Moreover, Lynx is more convenient than ARs because you can remain scoped-in after each shot like DMRs. But it has a delay of 1.37 seconds between two shots. It does not matter much when the enemy's car is running in a totally open area like the Farm in Erangel.

Blow Up Vehicles
You can blow up vehicles with this rifle.

II. How To Find Lynx AMR

Lynx AMR is the latest airdrop-only weapon in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. You need to defeat the Ancient Secret Guardian to get this gun from the enemy drops. PUBG Mobile players can also use flareguns to summon as many airdrops as possible to increase the chance of getting Lynx AMR.

This new weapon is even stronger than AWM - the most powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile before Update 2.1. Therefore, its spawn rate is even lower. You must be very lucky to get it. And don't give it to the enemy or you may lose the game.

This Weapon Is Very Rare
This weapon is super rare.

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