The deadly Assault Rifle AKM has been buffed in PUBG Mobile 2.1 which makes it more powerful and dangerous now. Check out the new AKM now.

#1. Damage Change

Most of the damage points remain the same. But the damage to the limb and leg areas of the new AKM is much higher than the old one. It does about 50% more damage to the arms and legs of the target than the old version.

Therefore, AKM wielder in PUBG Mobile 2.1 should change their gameplay a bit. Instead of aiming at the chest and head of the target which can be protected by level-3 armors, they should shoot the arms and legs of the opponents to take them down faster with fewer accurate shots.

Shoot The Arms And Legs
Shoot the arms and legs of the enemy to deal higher damage.

#2. Recoil Change

Though the damage of AKM increases, the recoil of this gun remains the same in PUBG Mobile 2.1. But the Aim Assist is slightly improved. Therefore, players will feel that it's easier to control the recoil of AKM.

But it does not make a big change to the gameplay because the improvement is very small. AKM is still an unpredictable weapon. Sometimes, it's easy to connect headshot, but sometimes you may miss every shot.

Turn On The Aim Assist
Turn on the aim assist.

#3. Bullet Velocity Change

The biggest change in the new AKM is the bullet speed. The new bullet velocity of AKM is 750m/s while the old speed is 715m/s. This 5% faster bullet velocity makes a big change in the gameplay of AKM wielders, especially pro players who can master AKM.

Your bullet goes faster and hit the enemy first if both of you fire at the same time. It's a huge advantage for AKM wielders in PUBG Mobile 2.1. Moreover, they can shoot more bullets at the enemy to take more damage and knock them down earlier.

Higher Bullet Speed
Higher bullet speed means you can knock the enemy earlier.

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