PUBG Mobile Lynx AMR is the latest sniper rifle recognized as the best weapon. Before the arrival of AMR, AWM is the best SR. Let's compare these two SRs to point out the better one here.

Amr Awm
Compare AMR and AWM. 

#1. Damage

AMR has a bit higher hit points than AWM. But the gap is not very big. Check out the hit point of ARM and AWM at the primary level.

Hit Points Lynx AMR  AWM
Head 315 300
Chest 162.5 156
Arms and Legs 59.4 57
Hands and Foot 35.6 34.2

The 4% higher damage of Lynx AMR in comparison with AWM cannot make difference because both of these guns can kill a player with a level-3 helmet in one shot only. Moreover, they require the same amount of bullets to take the enemy down.

Damage Comparison
Damage comparison.

#2. Bullet Velocity

The bullet speed is very important for sniper rifles. The higher the bullet speed is, the better the SR performs. AWM had an ideal bullet velocity of 945m/s which is the highest speed before update 2.1. But now the Lynx AMR takes the crown.

The bullet speed of Lynx AMR is 1100m/s. It's the highest bullet speed up to now. The higher velocity means the lower bullet drop which performs better in long-range combat. Moreover, if both these guns shoot at the same time, the bullet of AMR hits the target earlier.

Bullet Speed
Lynx AMR has a higher bullet speed.

#3. Ammunition

Both AMR and AWM use unique ammunition types that only spawn in the airdrop. In specific, Lynx AMR comes with 10 rounds of .50 ACP ammo and the AWM comes with 25 rounds of .300 Magnum.

If you use up these bullets, just throw these SRs away because they will become useless until you find the next airdrop with these guns. So, in terms of ammunition, AWM is better with more bullets.

AWM has more bullets in the airdrop.

#4. Attachments

AWM also has more slots of attachments than the new sniper rifle Lynx AMR.

  • Lynx AMR has only one slot for the scope from Holographic sight to 8x scope.
  • AWM has up to five attachment slots for scope, stock, mag, muzzle, and a canted sight.

If the gun has more customization slots, it can be more stable and reliable with a full set of the best attachments.

Awm Has More Attachment Slots
AWM has more attachment slots.

#5. Rate of Fire

The new sniper Lynx AMR can remain scoped-in between shots. It gets a delay of 1.37 seconds between two shots. When using the old sniper AWM, players need to reload between two shots. So the gap is also longer which is 2.32 seconds.

But when you need to reload a full load of bullets, AWM can reload faster if you attach a quickdraw mag. Without this mag, they need the same reloading period.

#6. Special Ability

Lynx AMR has a special ability of armor penetration while AWM does not have any special ability. AMR is the only gun in PUBG Mobile that can shoot through the armored truck BRDM  and all vehicles in the game. So, Lynx AMR is better than AWM.

Amr Can Shoot Through The Truck
AMR can shoot through the truck.

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