PUBG Mobile 2.2 will introduce a new map called NUSA with tons of fun. This map is only one square kilometer but it looks like a small nation with lots of new features. Besides, there are a lot of new features in the upcoming update.

New Map NUSA

NUSA is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile now which is only one square kilometer. There are 32 players landing on this map. Therefore, you should get familiar with the fast-paced gameplay on this map.

It looks like the mountainous regions of Vietnam or China with small thatched cottages, palm trees, and terraced terrain. This map still features solo, duo, and squad modes in TPP or FPP option. The white and electric circles also shrink faster on NUSA than on other maps.

New Map Nusa
New map NUSA

Therefore, each battle royale match on NUSA lasts only around ten minutes. It's very suitable for exciting fast-paced matches. Many new features have been added to make the game more interesting.

NUSA is an ideal map for players with low-end devices because of its small size and limited number of players. Besides, it's better for fast-paced players who focus on ranking up. Therefore, it's expected to be the spotlight in PUBG Mobile 2.2.

Small Map
It's a small map.

New Features In Update 2.2

There are many brand new features in PUBG Mobile 2.2 NUSA map. It makes the game easier and more interesting.

#1. Auto Recall

The new feature Auto Recall gives players another life in NUSA. No one wants to die in a boring way after looting supplies for half of the match. You don't need to play in duo and squad because you can recall yourself without the assistance of a teammate.

This new feature does not affect the balance of the game. It even increases the competition of PUBG Mobile. When you visit a hot-drop location, you can make many kills before you clear that area or are killed by a third party.

Auto Recall
Auto recall feature

#2. AI Bots

There are some well-geared AI bots in the apartments. These bots have advanced weapons with unlimited ammo and grenades. After you take them down, their loot crates give your team an abundant source of supplies, such as compensators, suppressors, grips, many powerful weapons, and a lot of bullets.

But you should watch out for other players. The top floors of these apartments are linked together. Besides, enemies can use the elevator inside these apartments to reach your floor quickly and attack your team suddenly. To use the elevator, you only need to press the button to call it, enter the elevator, and select the floor you want to reach.

Dangerous Ai Bots
Dangerous AI bots

#3. New Weapons

PUBG Mobile 2.2 will introduce many new weapons, including:

  • AC-VAL: a brand new assault rifle;
  • A new flammable Crossbow: it can be a combination of Molotov and the traditional crossbow.
  • NS 2000: A new shotgun originating from Africa.

Enhanced Erangel

The legendary map Erangel will be upgraded. There are many new additions that make this map more interesting so that it can still keep its players when the new map is introduced.

  • There are two new ferry harbors like in PUBG PC;
  • Fuel stations are usable, so players can refill their vehicles with gas;
  • Bikes also come back;
  • There is a new big Light House with lots of supplies.
Upgraded Erangel
Upgraded Erangel

PUBG Mobile 2.2 is expected to be released on September 11th. The game publisher hopes these updates will make players return to the game.

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