PUBG Mobile is going to collaborate with the famous series Dragon Ball next year. It's a highly anticipated event on the occasion of the global release of Dragon Ball Super: SUPERHERO. Check it out here.

PUBG Mobile X Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a famous anime series featuring Son Goku as the main hero. He encounters and fights off the villain force of the Red Ribbon Army. The movie titled "Dragon Ball Super: SUPERHERO" about this story has been released globally.

Pubg Mobile Collaboration
PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball collaboration.

On this occasion, PUBG Mobile confirmed to collaborate with this series. The crossover update will be available to play in early 2023. It's not the first time PUBG Mobile has collaborated with an anime series. Early this year, PUBG Mobile players had the chance to play with heroes in Jujutsu Kaisen.

In the upcoming collaboration, PUBG Mobile is expected to feature many famous heroes and anti-heroes in Dragon Ball as playable characters and bosses. Therefore, this news has made a lot of fans go nuts, especially those who have been fans of Son Goku for a long time.

Son Goku In Pubg Mobile
Son Goku will arrive in PUBG Mobile.

New Features In PUBG Mobile

It’s months till the official release of the collaboration update. But PUBG Mobile is releasing many new interesting features for players during the waiting time. You will have lots of interesting experiences to enjoy in NUSA, such as:

  • A heart-shaped island in the Pink Beach for couples to hang out;
  • Players can use the new flaming crossbow to burn out wooden huts in NUSA;
  • Travel around the map and head through all hills and mountains on the new Quad vehicle;
  • Explore secret caves and tunnels in NUSA;
  • Win close combat with the new shotgun NS2000.
Date In Nusa
Date your partner in NUSA.

There will be many new features in the following updates until Dragon Ball heroes come to the game in 2023.

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