The new map NUSA in PUBG Mobile 2.2 has many new features. Therefore, you need some new tips and tricks to play well on PUBG Mobile NUSA and get Chicken Dinner.

Heart Shape Island
Explore NUSA now.

Landing Tips

NUSA is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile 2.2, which is only 1km x 1km. Therefore, you should jump earlier than on other maps. The best distance to jump on this map is 375m from the marked location. You can jump at the distance of 300m to 400m and head down to reach the marked location fast.

Landing Tips
Landing tips

The Quad

The new vehicle "Quad" in NUSA is specially designed for the terrain here. You can easily climb the hill with this vehicle. Therefore, it's the best choice to dash into the safe zone when your team is very far outside the white circle. But you need to Quads for your squad. Then, drive it straight to the playing zone before the electric zone attacks you.

NS200 Tips

NS200 is the new exclusive weapon in NUSA. It's one of the best choices for last-circle combat with insane damage for one shot-one kill. The tip is using NS200 for hip-firing because this gun has much higher damage in this firing mode. It's not necessary to scope for mid-range and long-range combat because the damage of this shotgun decreases when the distance increases.


Flammable Crossbow

The flammable crossbow is another exclusive weapon in NUSA. It's very useful on this map because you can shoot and burn the wooden huts on NUSA. Then, these huts are not safe places for players because these houses can be burned down and then reveal campers inside. Each team should have at least one flammable bow to rush hut campers safely.

Burn The Hut
Burn the hut

Best Locations On NUSA

PUBG Mobile NUSA is a small map but it still has many rich cities and towns. Check out the details about these locations and choose the best one that fits your gameplay.

  • Telepak Town: It's the largest city in NUSA with many buildings. There are working elevators inside 7-story apartment buildings in this city. It's a rich source of supplies if you play well and clear all AI bots on the second floor.
Telepak Town
Telepak Town
  • Shipyard: It's the next best location for PUBG Mobile players on this map. This location has some warehouses and a lot of containers. It's a new hot-drop location on this map with lots of supplies and combat.
  • Cavern: It's similar to some underground caves in older maps like Sanhok and Erangel. But you can find a secret submarine and a big warehouse inside the cave in NUSA. Moreover, it has a secret tunnel leading to a vault above the ground.
Play On Nusa
Have fun on NUSA
  • Bulan Bay: It's next to Cavern. It's a stunning bay with a beautiful beach and some houses. If you don't want to start the match in a hot-drop location, this bay is the best choice.
  • Science Center: It would be the hottest drop location in NUSA with a lot of advanced weapons.
Science Center
Science Center

You can also land in some small places, such as Sunset Street and Regal Resort to start the game slowly. Or else, go on an adventure in Crystal Bay and explore the secret cave. The Pink Beach is the best place for couples to visit for a hangout.

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