PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.2 has many new exciting features, such as fuel stations, Seaports, and bicycle sheds. Check out their locations and the best tips to use these new features wisely and get Chicken Dinner.

#1. Fuel Stations

The Fuel Station is the most exciting addition to PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.2. There are many fuel stations in Erangel. But they only work after update 2.2. If your car is low on fuel but you cannot find any gas can to refill your vehicle, go to the nearest gas station.

But you cannot pump fuel for free. A full vehicle fuel tank costs you one shop token. The refilling time depends on how much fuel you need to pump until it's full. If your car fuel tank is totally empty, it takes you a long time. Therefore, you should refill fuel before it's not totally empty.

Fuel Stations
Go to Fuel Stations to refill your vehicle.

#2. Bicycle Shed

You can find some Bicycle sheds and take a bicycle to ride. There is a shed in Stalber in Erangel. Sometimes, you can encounter some enemies at this location who also come to get the vehicle. The bicycle is not a new vehicle for PUBG Mobile players but the bicycle shed is totally new.

Bicycle Shed
Go to the bicycle shed to take a bike.

#3. Seaports

The legendary map Erangel has three new seaports. You can find them in Ferry Pier, the shore below the Farm, and in the Northern short of Sosnovka Military Base. Your full squad can find a lot of advanced equipment in these seaports.

More importantly, you can find boats for a full squad to go along the waterway and enter the playing zone. It's a safe way to cross the river without engaging in bridge combat.

New Seaports
There are some new Seaports with lots of supplies and boats.

#4. Vehicle Storage

In Update 2.2, players can use the storage in their car or motorbike to store supplies. It lets PUBG Mobile players loot more essential supplies to get ready for combat in later zones. Your team can exchange supplies when sitting in the car, which is much safer than exchanging supplies in the open field.

#5. Other Changes

NUSA got the spotlight in the current update. But there are many changes in some old locations in PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.2 that make this map still attractive.

  • The Hospital is destroyed and it has many big holes in the wall and ceilings.
  • There is a new Flash Shop with many discounted items for players to buy.
  • You can find new supply crates in houses to loot equipment or token to buy fuel.
  • Mini-14 is more powerful and easier to control now with reduced recoil and slightly higher base damage.
  •  The base damage of AUG is also lightly increased.
Pubg Mobile Erange
PUBG Mobile Erangel has many new features.

The new map PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.2 with many new features is an interesting update. Just play and enjoy the game by yourself or with permanent teammates now.

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