Gear Front is a new mode in PUBG Mobile 2.2. This new game mode is pretty strange for PUBG Mobile players with new gameplay and skills. Here are the best tips and tricks for players to win PUBG Mobile Gear Front.

There is a collection of eight new skills. You need to pick up one skill from this collection to play with it till the end of the game. Check out the top skills to select and how to make them useful.

#1. Gliding Doll

The gliding doll at the bottom of the list is the best skill in PUBG Mobile Gear Front to select. You can summon a puppet to bring you to glide forward when you press the button. It lets you move between buildings and rooftops easily and quietly to surprise enemies.

To use this skill correctly and effectively, you should jump down before summoning the puppet. You can also climb to a wall, jump, and quickly activate the skill to glide up higher. The puppet can also bring you from window to window between different buildings.

Gliding Doll
Gliding Doll

#2. Healing Smoke

Healing smoke is the next useful skill you can select. But it's the best skill for assaulters and aggressive players who often prefer rushing. This skill is the combination of the two most essential things for healing: smoke and healing effect.

When you throw the healing smoke, it releases blue smoke to heal everyone inside, including your teammates and enemies. The cooldown time for this skill is 3 minutes. Therefore, you still need some bandages.

Healing Smoke
Healing Smoke

#3. Vehicle Airdrop

Vehicle airdrop is not as useful as the two previous skills, but you should select it if you often play solo or take the driver role in your squad. Many players often land far from the playing zone to start the game safely and slowly to loot more supplies.

It's very essential for these players to have a vehicle to rush into the playing zone, especially when they play PUBG Mobile Gear Front on large maps like Miramar and Erangel.

Vehicle Airdrop
Vehicle Airdrop

Less Useful Skills

Apart from the top three useful skills above, you have five other skills to select from. Check out the advantages of these skills and consider choosing a proper one for your team.

  • Supply scan: When the scanner is launched, it shows you the location of nearby advanced supplies, such as level-3 gears, M416, AKM, etc.
  • Trace: after you hit an enemy, it will trace his location automatically. Then, you know his move within 5 seconds even through walls.
Lucky Backpack
Lucky Backpack
  • Lucky backpack: It only increases 50 capacity points for your backpack. But you get a lucky slot to convert weapons or items you get in your bag. But you can only convert 5 items for the whole match.
  • Playzone analysis: This skill lets you know the next circle but you can only use it three times.
  • Black markets: Players with this skill can summon a supply shop to purchase gear. But enemies and teammates can also buy items from this shop as long as they get money.
Gear Front Mode
Choose the best skill to help you win.

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