PUBG Mobile 2.3 Football Mania Update makes many fans and players excited, especially football fans. Check out some myths in this new game mode from which players can learn some valuable tips and tricks to play better.

#1. Ball Switching Myth

There is a new myth that you can survive and stay safe in grenade explosions by switching to the ball. In this new update, players can switch to a ball and move as using a vehicle. When you turn into the football when an enemy attacks you with a grenade, you won't take any damage from the explosion. This tip is also useful to save you from flames from Molotov Cocktails.

Pubg Mobile Football
PUBG Mobile football mode has many new features.

#2. Messi's Shoes Myths

According to a new myth in PUBG Mobile 2.3 Football Mania Update, Messi's shoes keep players safe from Molotov's flame. However, it's not confirmed because players still get damage from the flame. Therefore, you shouldn't try to confirm it because the Molotov flame can still cause damage to you and those shoes only make you run faster to get out of the flaming area.

Besides, after you activate the power of Messi's shoes, there is no button to stop it. But you can deactivate this mode by holding a weapon. When you run in Messi's shoes, your character won't hold the weapon.

Messis Shoes
Messi's golden shoes in PUBG Mobile have special effects.

#3. Backpack Capacity Myth

In the new football update, the football vehicle and Messi's shoes do not take up any space in your backpack. This myth is confirmed by many players. Therefore, you can pick up more shoes and football vehicles for your teammates. These new features are very useful in this new mode of PUBG Mobile 2.3.

#4. Stable's Cable Car Myth

There is another valuable tip you can learn from the cable car in Stable. When you jump down from the cable car, you won't take any fall damage. It's also new in this game because PUBG Mobile players often get fall damage when falling down from a high place. That's why many players haven't known this useful tip to surprise enemies from the sky.

Stable Cable Car
Use the cable car in Stable to surprise enemies

#5. Football Flare Gun

As usual, PUBG Mobile players will get a BRDM when using the flare gun outside the playing zone. But you still get the football airdrop with airdrop weapons when using the new football flare gun outside the white circle. Therefore, the football flare gun is better than the normal flare gun in battle royale mode. Moreover, the football airdrop falls faster than the normal one. So, you can loot and get into the playing zone on time.

Football Airdrops
Get more loot and play aggressively in PUBG Mobile 2.3 with new football airdrops.

There are many other interesting features in this new football update. If you have any useful tips and interesting myths, leave a comment and discuss them with other players.

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