In ancient times, Indian streets were a flurry of activities with groups of people passing their time playing card games and other games. Today, some of these games are slowly tracing their path back to the scene, with many game developers re-building them with the same rules and thrill.

Many casino games have the origin from India

These games are available in your favorite online casino and sometimes the land-based casinos as well. In the article below, we have delved into three ancient Indian games, which have since been reintroduced to the scene, and from the look of things, punters love them.

Teen Patti

The name Teen Patti or Flush, as it is commonly called in Asia, was first coined in far-east India in the early 18th century. It is directly translated to mean 'three cards' and follows Poker's basic rules or the English Brag. To win, you have to have a hand on the three best winning cards from the dealer. This is simply a game of luck, but frequenters can master the generator's patterns to keep them on the wins.

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Teen Patti is a pure luck game

How to Play

The game is available in most of your local casinos or your favorite online casinos. On accessing the game, you will see a big widget where you drag the chips you are planning to bet for. Your chips can go up to 500 dollars, depending on your capability. You then proceed by pressing the deal button to commence the game; if your three cards match those on the payout chart, you have won. After finishing, you can choose to proceed with the same bet amount by pressing the Re-bet button or increase your stake by pressing the re-bet two option.

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The game has a beautiful layout with seamless graphics. As a player, you can customize the colors of the betting area to suit your preference or, at the same time, turn the music on/off depending on your general feeling. The game is compatible to play on both your mobile device and desktop. It has a responsive web design that readjusts in size to suit your hardware’s specifications making it easy to use on all IOS and Android devices.

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Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is another gambling gem of Indian origin, and it is known for its direct relation to the ancient Indian game of cards called Katti. Though most of the rules resemble those of modern card games, the game comes with unique features that make it special and more exhilarating.

The game is very easy and straight forward to handle at comeon India, and players have several winning options. With the first and most common option, you are expected to bet on either the Andar or Bahar spaces in the table. The dealer brings a card in the middle of the playing table, and cards are randomly distributed to the two sides. For you to win, you should guess where the available card on the table appears first. Is it on the Andar or Bahar space? A correct guess substantiates a win.

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Andar Bahar is another gambling gem of Indian origin

This is the simplest version of the game, though adept gamblers can try out other available wagers, which are, of course, wealthier, and risker.They include; the middle card suit, Middle card value, Middle card color, Middle card value, and many more. The game is purely based on luck, although a detailed study of the game can allow you to know the dealer's pattern. The rebranded game version is currently unavailable in many casinos, but as time goes by, casinos are slowly appreciating its popularity globally.

The Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is another Indian game of cards. Though very popular in India and a better part of Asia, it is yet to traverse the world a lot. However, if you fancy poker and card games, then you need to look for it in your nearest casino, either online or land-based, and explore a whole new feeling playing with cards.

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The game can be played by up to 6 players or a minimum of 2, each player carrying 13 cards per set. For you to win, your chosen cards must complete a certain set or sequence, as highlighted in the rummy table. For a set to be valid, you require to combine 3 or 4 cards with a similar rank but with a different suit.

On the other end, the set is declared invalid if a single card with a similar rank and suit occurs twice in your selection. A sequence can either be pure or impure and should consist of 3 or more cards that form a group. For a pure sequence, the group should have the same suit, while the impure sequence consists of a group with the same suits with an inclusion of a joker or a wildcard.

Indain Rummy
Indian Rummy is another Indian game of cards

Like most other modern-day casino games, Indian Rummy is available on different platforms like; mobile, desktop, or web-based versions. It features some intuitive graphics which make it easy to readjust its general features depending on your device’s features.

Have you seen any of the above games in your favorite casino? If not, you can try them at your best casino site and get that Indian casino feeling at your home's comfort.

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