Teen Patti is a very popular gambling card game in India. It is pretty much the same as Poker but each player only has 3 cards their hands instead of 5 cards. The game originated from India and then became popular all over South Asia. Teen Patti might be known as alternative names such as "flash" or "flush".

teen patti kaise khelte hain
Teen Patti is the Indian version of the game Poker

Teen Patti rules - Betting

Teen Patti uses a 52-card deck without the Joker. The game is normally played in a group of 3 to 6 people.

Before cards are dealt to players, all players must place a fixed amount of money first. This amount of money is collected to the pot as the minimum amount of cash at stake and it stays in the middle of the table. After the money is collected, each player is dealt 3 cards face down. Once cards are dealt to all players, players might look at their own cards and take actions such as call or raise. People who have played Poker before must have been really familiar with these 2 terms. In Teen Patti rules, these two actions are usually called as Chaal.

The bet starts from the player on the left of the dealer and continues with other players around the table. Players have to put additional money into the pot or Fold and leave the match. When Fold, that player will lose all the money they place in the pot.

  • Blind player: You must not look into your cards to be a blink player. You must put in the pot at least the same amount as the current stake and no more twice than the current stake. The current stake will then become the amount you put in.
  • Seen player: You must ut in at least double the current stake and no more than four times the current stake. The current stake will then become half the amount you put in.
 Teen Patti Rules
Teen Patti Rules - You can choose to be a blind player

As a blind player, you can choose to look at your card in your turn, and then you will turn into a seen player.

The bet circle continues until:

  1. All players Fold except for one player. That player is the winner and takes all the money.
  2. All players Fold except for two players. One player can pay for a show in their turn and both players show their hand to compare. The player with the better hand wins and gets all money.
 Teen Patti Rules
When there are only 2 players left a player can pay for a show to end the match in Teen Patti rules

Show rules:

  • There are must be exactly 2 players left for a Show to be able to happen.
  • If you are a blind player, you can pay the current stake for a show into the pot.
  • If you are a seen player and the other player is a blind player, you cannot ask for a Show and must continue betting or Fold.
  • If both players are seen players, either can pay double the amount of the current stake to ask for a show.
  • The player with the better hand wins. If the hands are equal, the players who didn't ask for the show wins.

Teen Patti rules - Hand Rankings

In Teen Patti rules, the Ace is the highest card while 2 is the worst card. The player who has the best combination of 3 cards in their hand when shown wins the game. Here is the hand rankings from the highest to the lowest in Teen Patti:

  1. Trail or Set (3 cards with the same rank): Three Ace is the highest while three 2 is the lowest.
Image 4 Teen Patti Rules
Three Ace is the best combination possible in Teen Patti
  1. Pure sequence: Three consecutive cards from the same suit. A-K-Q is the highest combination and A-2-3 is the second-highest combination. 4-3-2 is the lowest combination.
  2. Sequence: Three consecutive cards from any suit. The same Pure sequence, A-K-Q is the highest combination, and A-2-3 is the second-highest combination. 4-3-2 is the lowest combination.
  3. Color: Three cards from the same suits. If two players both have Color, the player with high card wins. If they match, then the next highest card will decide who wins. If both players have the same values, the winner is decided by suits. Spades > Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs.
  4. Pair: Two cards with the same rank. If two players have a Pair, the players with higher rank Pair wins. If their Pair has the same value, the value of the third card decides who wins.
  5. High card: If no player has three cards that match any type above. Players compare their highest card first, then their second-highest card, then their lowest card to determine the winner. A-K-J is the best combination while 5-3-2 is the worst combination.

Any combination of higher types will beat any combination of lower types.

teen patti kaise khelte hain
Teen Patti rules - Hand rankings in Teen Patti

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