Playing video games for money was previously a concept that was likely dismissed by the parents of children who thought about doing exactly this. The concept was certainly untrue around the time of the industry’s inception as the only real ways people could earn money in the industry was to either be involved in the making of the video game itself or be involved in covering the release of the game for a magazine, TV programme, and various other forms of media. As most will know, today, there are countless numbers of people who play video games and get paid for it too.

Rocket League Removed From Steam Gaming Instincts

This is the result of the evolving world we now find ourselves in. Thanks to creations such as social media, content sharing sites and more, it is more feasible than ever to earn money by simply following a passion. Even those who have a penchant for gambling and enjoy playing slots and other games at real money casinos like the ones on Time2play can monetize content creation based around the games they play – there are many ‘slots streamers’ who are paid by operators to showcase their games to a live audience. In a similar vein, it is also extremely possible for players to earn money just from streaming video games and one only must look at how many video game content creators there are to get an idea of this.

Of course, playing video games casually is not the only way to make money with the medium. eSports, while not accepted as a professional sport in many places across the world, has risen considerably over the last few years as more aspiring gamers realise that they can put their skills to use and earn money for playing well in their favourite games. The best players will join competitive teams and earn a wage and might even be able to perform on the world stage if they are good enough. Some of these gaming competitions boast staggering prize pools, so there is no doubt that playing games can be a very lucrative career, dependent on ability. While many games have a competitive scene, here are three of the best online video games that players can play for real money.


When Overwatch was first released, it was warmly received by the gaming community thanks to its bright and colourful style and its emphasis on tactical team-based gameplay. Many consider Overwatch to be the spiritual successor to Valve’s Team Fortress 2, but many would argue Overwatch is the better game. The Overwatch World Cup also attracts the best gamers and fans from all over the world.

Image 1 All Overwatch Gameplay Modes

Apex Legends

Many consider Apex Legends to be the king of the battle royale genre, and it is hard to deny this considering how refined the game is. There are different heroes like Overwatch, but many play Apex thanks to its emphasis on the battle royale format. There are many tournaments for Apex that each has generous prize pools.

Apex Legends Mobile

Rocket League

No one could have anticipated how much 2015’s Rocket League would blow up, but since then, it has amassed a massive player base and has developed a great competitive scene. The most recent tournament had a $1 million prize pool, so there is no doubt that the best Rocket League players can certainly earn money from playing the game.

Rocket League
Rocket League: This is an interesting co-op game that includes both driving and football skills

Earning money for playing video games is now a real possibility, and these three options represent some of the best online games to do exactly this.

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