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Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and anything worth doing well will take time. Practicing something you seek to be skilled at will always be the best advice. That’s a given. If you want to win a physical game, you’ve got to practice with the team and hit the gym. Similarly, with video games, you’ve got to find ways of “practicing” and “hitting the gym”.

The thing is, games are a bit more “oblique”, as it were, in terms of available “practice” opportunities owing to their digital design. How do you get really good, and how do you do so relatively quickly? Following we’ll explore five tactics that, within a few days or even hours (depending on your level of skill overall) should help you master just about any game.

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1. Read Online Reviews and Walkthroughs, Find Online FAQs

So when reading online reviews or walkthroughs, you’re now in the realm of spoilers. Whether you use this tactic will depend on the game you’re playing, and your relationship to it. An RPG or a survival horror game, or even a first-player shooter on campaign mode with a plot, may be seriously diminished by finding the guide online. You know what’s coming next.

That said, especially if you get “stuck” in a spot for hours, doing a search engine query to find an online review or walkthrough can help you past the difficulty. Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, exist on virtually every game, and can provide you specific info on specific things you can do to get past areas. Such info gives you an overview of the whole game.

2. Complete Tutorials and Examine In-Game Instructions

Most games have tutorials prior the primary “levels”. Also, games that are purchased physically will come with a little pamphlet explaining controls, characters, game features, and the like.

You don’t get that if you download the game from an online server, but you might get a little file with similar info you can explore. Explore it. Know everything game designers want you to know before you start playing. It’s like reading the Ikea instructions.

Cozy Log Cabin Tutorial

Sure, you can probably figure everything out through brute force and determination, but follow the instructions, and you get the job done quicker.

3. “Game” the “System” Through Hacking Best Practices

Some games are designed to be hard, some games are online multiplayer extravaganzas where everybody is cheating, and unless you’re a glutton for punishment, you’d better learn how peers are getting away with the shenanigans they are. Check out tricks from Guided Hacking to learn more about how gaming cheats and hacks are made.

Not all games are the same. Especially as “free” online gaming becomes mainstream, resulting in a pay-model that involves players buying their way toward prominence in the gaming environment, you’ve got to know how to give yourself a leg-up. Games get beyond designers and companies these days; they become the property of gamers, to an extent.

4. In Games of Contest, Play Against Stronger Opponents

You’ll never get stronger in a game playing against those you’ve already beaten before, and who can’t pose a threat to your in-game accolades. If you want to get good, find those that are definitely better than you, and play them. This principle is the same across all games; from Chess to Hockey to WoW.

Counter Strike Global Offensive
Counter Strike Global Offensive

5. Learn the Game on “Hard”

Here’s a controversial one: just start the game on “hard” from the beginning and get used to playing something that’s naturally more difficult. Starting out is rough, but inside a few hours you figure out the game’s “rhythm”. If you get frustrated, restart on “normal”, and suddenly the most challenging maps are a breeze.

Being a More Well-Rounded Gamer

Learn games on “hard”, play against stronger opponents, know what “cheats” or “hacks” influence certain games, read all the tutorial information game designers provide, and seek online walkthroughs or other resources when all else fails. Moves like these will help you “level up” gaming skill sets.

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