SMITE is an exciting third-person perspective Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game where you control Gods, Goddesses or different mythological figures and team up with other players to combat against other teams.


SMITE offers various player versus player (PvP) modes, multiple playable characters you can control, and versatile strategies to adopt to smash other teams and win.

The game is widely popular worldwide and it still attracts loads of newbies who want to participate in epic battles. Its popularity is mainly due to the gameplay itself, where you get to control already original characters, and an impressive PvP mode to play.

Nevertheless, to fully exploit the game and unlock more Gods, Skins or cosmetics, you need to get Gems which are in-game currency.

Therefore, how to earn Gems in SMITE? Let’s check out 5 ways to get them in the game.

1# Use the MillionPugs cashback

MillionPugs is an innovative cashback service for gamers enabling them to get valuable game items for shopping online at their favorite online stores.

Currently, MillionPugs works with over 2000 brands from multiple industries. When you shop at their stores you are granted reward points, which you can later exchange for game prizes.

For example, you can get reward points for:

  • ordering a pizza or lunch,
  • getting new clothes or shoes,
  • doing groceries online
  • buying food for your dog,
  • purchasing a new smartphone,

and many more.


Consequently, it is quick and simple to collect loads of reward points and claim your game rewards, like, for example, Gems for SMITE.

How to start using MillionPugs?

All you need to do to start using the service is to create an account. From there, you can already get links to deals prepared by MillionPugs partners.

Nevertheless, the optimal way to use the service is to install the MillionPugs browser extension. It will show you a small pop-up with an option to activate a deal every time you land on any partner's store.

As a result, you won't have to browse the offers on the MillionPugs site and get links. Instead, the plugin will automatically do this for you. It makes using the service effortless and prevents you from missing out on any available deals.

What game rewards can you get?

When you collect a sufficient number of reward points, you can claim your prizes. MillionPugs works with various games and for each of them they have prepared a customized offer.

When it comes to SMITE content, using MillionPugs, you can get, for example:

  • from 400 to 8000 Gems,
  • 15000 Favor,
  • Odyssey Chest,
  • Awesome Chest,
  • Demonic Thanatos,

The list of game content is updated on a regular basis, so there are probably even more fancy game items to come.


All in all, MillionPugs is an alternative and easy way to get Gems in SMITE. You just need to keep shopping as you used to, but start to activate offers, collect points and get your rewards.

2# Log in every day and get rewards

When it comes to in-game options to get gems, one of the easiest ones is to simply log in every day.

Each day at 9am UTC your login reward refreshes and you can claim it every 24 hours. For example, when you log in seven times in a row, you will get:

  • day 1 – 75 Favor,
  • day 2 – 125 Favor,
  • day 3 – 250 Favor,
  • day 4 – 350 Favor,
  • day 5 – 450 Favor,
  • day 6 – 15 Gems,
  • day 7 – 35 Gems.

All of the above rewards, including Gems, you will get the first time you start to play each day. Remember, though, that these prizes stack and you don't lose when you don't log in consecutively.

3# Participate in special events

Apart from daily login, you can also get Gems in SMITE by participating in special limited-time events.

Such events usually occur over the weekend and you can get various rewards, like Gems, by simply playing the game. The prizes can be granted for:

  • earning three first wins of the day,
  • winning a single game.

Special events are normally announced only one day before they actually happen, so you seldom have a forward notice. As a result, it is advisable to jump into the game every day, at least for a moment, to check the news at the top right corner of the user interface. Apart from this, it is also worthwhile to follow SMITE's Twitter, or their Facebook account.

Both of these ways will prevent you from missing out on any opportunity of participating in special events and, consequently, getting Gems.

4# Use promotional codes

Another effective and easy way to get Gems in SMITE is to redeem promotional codes.

SMITE promotional codes allow users to redeem:

  • playable God,
  • God Skin,
  • Chest roll,
  • Gems,

and other valuable game items.

The codes are usually time-limited, so make use of them while they are active.

To get promotional codes, it is advisable to follow SMITE's social media accounts, as they are usually announced there.

Once you have a promotional code, all you need to do is:

  • jump into SMITE,
  • click on the orange store text,
  • click store on the right menu,
  • click the Bundles dropdown and select Account,
  • click promotional code, enter it, and redeem,
  • enjoy.

All in all, check regularly if there are any active codes available and claim your rewards, like Gems, Skins, and other valuable items.

5# Purchase Gems with real money

Last but not least, you can also earn Gems in SMITE by purchasing them with real money.

In the Store you can choose from 7 Gem bundles at different prizes with various amounts of Gems. The cheapest option costs less than $10 and the most expensive equals approximately $100. As a result, you can choose an offer that is affordable to you depending on how many Gems you need.

It is also worth mentioning that sometimes you can see discounts in the Gem store providing you with the same amount of Gems for a much lower price. Therefore, just like when it comes to special events, keep up with the latest news, as these discounts are available at specific times of the year.

Summing up, there are multiple genuine ways to get Gems in SMITE. You can exploit the brand-new cashback service MillionPugs and get them by shopping online. Nevertheless, you may also opt for in-game options like daily login, special events, promotional codes, or just purchasing Gems for real money.