Action is one of the best genres in video gaming, and arguably the easiest one to get into. This is why many action games have been ported to the handheld Android platform. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best offline action games for Android in 2022.

1. GTA: Vice City

Almost 20 years ago Vice City was one of the most varied, complete and alive digital cities ever created. An impressive playground for an impressive game, today, the game is still a great open-world with a strong character driven narrative and a deeply satirical and parodistic view of American society in the 80s

Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Grand Theft Auto Vice City has the best graphic quality and visual effects.

Tommy Vercetti arrives in a town brimming with delights and degradation. He is fresh out of prison after serving a long stint for the mob and has been sent to Miam...Vice City by his former boss in order to start a new business. A crucial drug handover goes wrong and the money gets pinched, Tommy is straight in at the deep end with a debt to pay on top of making a respectable name for himself in his new home.

Gta Vice City Shoot
A shootout

It’s a long road to find out who stole the boss's money and pay them back, Tommy needs to make some new friends and a tidy buck on the side for his activities, for his new business. The writing gives you the feeling of a large, gradually unraveling plot. Quests are funny, dumb and nonsensical, taking part in the tale is a pleasure. To get the traitor you have to dirt your hands: drive taxis, get involved in a turf war between the Cubans and the Haitians, befriend a Scottish rock group named Love Fist, smash up the local mall for protection money, demolish a building to lower real estate prices, hook up with a biker gang, run an adult film studio, rob a bank, and much, much more.


Grand Theft Auto III, or as most of us call it, GTA3, is an open-world, third-person crime game taking place in the early 2000s. GTA3 is the grandfather of modern games. We see more and more games opt for an open-world setting because of the success that the Grand Theft Auto series has had.

Gta 3 Ps2 Gameplay
GTA 3 open world

Let's start with the open-world mechanics, as they were the highlight of this game. Liberty City still feels like a dynamic place. People walk around in a funny and animatronic manner, with vehicles going around city streets, planes gliding through the sky, and boats dashing through the waves. The result of that randomness gives the sensation and atmosphere of a life-like city with how things are going. Of course, being the protagonist will also get you the chance to take part in various activities and missions. You discover more areas of the map by progressing throughout the story. Keep in mind that with every new part of the city, you will be able to complete side missions and mini-games.

Gta 3 Stories
In GTA 3, the main character Claude almost killed his ex-girlfriend because of her betrayal.

Talking about missions, most of them are well crafted. Their design is simple, go to point A, steal or kill your target and return to base. That may sound easy, but in practice, it can get a lot more entertaining and challenging! The variety of missions also helps in keeping you engaged. Every mission has a different theme or agenda behind it, sometimes you drive in a win-or-lose race, and other times you start a gang war with the Chinese. That is a very strong aspect of this game.

3. GTA San Andreas

With GTA San Andreas, Rockstar really pushed the bar for video game standards with a richly detailed open world with three expansive areas that feel very distinct from one another. When people say Rockstar Games is the “king” of open-world games it’s because of this reason right here! It has got everything you would want in an open-world game! The graphics, the music, the voice acting, the mini-games, the open-world activities, and more!

Gta San Andreas Car Cheat
Drive-by in GTA 

Like its predecessor, San Andreas puts you in the shoes of a central character about to embark on a life of crime. However, CJ or Carl Johnson as you like it is no career mobster like Tommy Vercetti from Vice City. In fact, he's been away from “the hood for five years” to try and escape the gang violence that’s been plagued in his home city of Los Santos. He's brought back by his mother's untimely death. Hooking up with his brother Sweet and old friends, CJ is inevitably drawn back into the world he had left behind a world of guns, drugs, territory, casual violence and respect.

Cj House In Gta San Andreas
CJ house in San Andreas

Rockstar Games took the satirical drama to the next level. The scope and size of the game are incredible. It will literally take you hours to explore the entire map on foot (which is pointless because of the large array of vehicles available). The story, mood and setting are heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture of the 90s, and many rap artists are prominently featured on the soundtrack.

4. Titan Quest

Originally released back in 2006 on PC, Titan Quest is pretty much Diablo 2, but on a Greece mythological backdrop. The predecessor of the gods, the Titans, have escaped from their prison and are aiming to destroy the world of man. The Gods alone can't stop them - a hero must rise to lead the fight and protect humanity. Mixing ancient mythology with non-stop action, Titan Quest is a classic hack-and-slash offering energizing gameplay with a fast, intense rhythm.

Titan Quest
Titan Quest is amongst the Best Role Playing Games For Android

In terms of gameplay, it's still very satisfying. Watching creatures ragdoll when killed is strangely enjoyable and the combat is great, if repetitive at times. Completing quests, killing monsters and collecting loot is the order of the day here, and as you level up you can put points into 9 skills trees, or masteries. Once you reach level 8, however, it gets much more interesting. You can then choose a second mastery and mix and match between them, or just stick with one. This opens up great replayability, and is only bettered by Grim Dawn in my opinion. I've only played as a Conqueror and Ranger so far but I want to play many more.

Titan Quest 2
Titan Quest gameplay

The level design is just exquisite. I'm not really a fan of dark and gloomy and Titan Quest is such a breath of fresh air. A wide variety of maps and different vistas, along with varying monsters as mythologies change is a far cry from the depressing worlds of Diablo and Grim Dawn. Ancient cities, old tombs, temples, forests, mountain passes, deserts and the very gates of the Underworld itself make for a rich world. There is also plentiful checkpoints situated throughout, so you can generally play in short spells or long sessions too. I cannot talk highly enough of this game.

5. Knights of the Old Republic

A war rages between The Republic and The Sith. ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ throws you head first into a fantastic recreation of the Star Wars universe filled with lightsabers, Sith Lords, and political intrigue, in an immersive, gripping tale of Good vs. Evil which - more than a decade on - stands tall as one of the best RPG’s of its generation, and probably the finest gaming interpretation of the iconic Star Wars franchise.

Knights of the Old Republic
Knights of the Old Republic on Android

A Third-Person RPG in the classic mold, gameplay in ‘SW:KOTOR’ is built around the 4 pillars of ‘Character Development and Customization’, ‘Inventory Management’, ‘Combat’, and ‘Dialogue-driven Story-Telling’. You choose to play as one of three character classes (Soldier, Scout or Scoundrel – with both male and female options available), and then as one of three Jedi sub-classes (Sentinel, Consular or Guardian).

Kotor2 02
Kotor combat on Android

A deep inventory system allows you to customize and equip your character with a multitude of clothing, weapon and armor options as well as assign XP to level-up in a variety of areas from Attributes, Skills, Feats, and Force Powers. Combat is based around the ‘D20’ RPG rule-set popularized in ‘Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)’, and while round-based, players are able to queue up actions and run them simultaneously in real-time.

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