Often players dive straight into the biggest welcome bonus or free spins offer, and I can't blame them. Some of them are too inviting, not too. What if I told you that there are a few factors that when understood, will drastically improve your gameplay at new online casinos and even open your eyes to the truth behind some of the latest online casinos.

Ask any high-roller or seasoned online gambling player, there are terms, tips, and tricks that they wish they knew before diving into the first new casino they laid their eyes upon. These factors can change the way you play, claim new casino bonuses, and even increase your chances of cashing out some big winnings at the latest online casinos.

New Zealand has a whole host of new casinos hitting the market every year, which is no different this year. The casino you choose and how you wager at it often determines if you hit the big bucks or not.

Let us begin and uncover the 8 things all gamblers wish they knew before depositing at the Kiwi's latest online casinos. Strap in, as after you read this, you will be fit to hit the pros!

1. The Casino has the Upper Hand.

Online gambling is an entertainment industry, and although fun, new players must be aware that they are at a disadvantage over the long haul. After all these big companies have to make money, this does not mean you will lose every time. We have witnessed some life-changing wins on kiwi slots.

Over the years of gambling, this slight disadvantage can build up to some big losses. It is only a slight percentage, yet it can cause a damaging effect if players are not aware the odds are in the casino's favour.

For example, if the RTP of a slot machine is 97% for every 100 dollars put into the machine, the casino will take 3 dollars or 3%. This is not to deter new players, the chance is still there to win big and win back potential losses, but it is a chance after all.

2. All Games are Not Created Equally

We often search for a "hot" slot machine and once one becomes "cold" we move on. Well, I am delighted to inform you that this is a myth. There is no such thing as a hot or cold machine, all casino games have a set RTP and carefully calculated odds to ensure a player wins, and a casino wins a lot.

There are ways around this simply by choosing a higher pay out games, players will have a better chance of hitting the jackpot. New online casinos are becoming more competitive than ever as they fight for top spots over well-established online casinos. This benefits us greatly as the RTP is getting higher and higher.

Next time you are about to relax and start wagering at the most popular slots in New Zealand take a moment to check the RTP, comparing casino games and choosing the one with the highest RTP will benefit you over the long haul.

3. Free Spins are not Actually Free.

Free spins as great as they are, aren't completely free. Claiming free spins at new casinos has become almost a pastime for some new gamblers. Welcome bonuses offer large amounts of free spins to attract players to wager on promoted slots and check out the casino itself.

While there is often no deposit required to claim these bonus spins technically making them "free" players still must play through the wagering requirements to keep their casino winnings. The wagering requirements are stated beside a free spin offer or even within the terms and conditions. This figure states the number of times a player must play through their free spins winnings before a cash out can be requested. It is not easy holding onto those winnings given that the odds are in the casino's favour.

All the same, free spins are a great introduction for many online casino players testing out the latest slots at some of the best online casinos without making an initial deposit.

4. Wagering Requirements differ Between Bonuses.

Like fresh online casino fanatics, I once upon a time grabbed some huge free spin offers and no deposit casino bonuses on arrival to the online gambling scene. After checking out a few casino bonuses and understanding the bonus paythrough requirements, I was good to go. Little did I know that no deposit casino bonuses have some hefty wagering requirements which must be abided by.


Choosing with your eyes will not benefit you in the long run. Instead, look past the dazzling offer and check out the layout of the casino the software providers, live casino department, VIP section and any other aspect that will benefit you for the weeks to come. The wagering requirements will differ drastically from bonus to bonus so be sure to check before signing up.

A top tip that the online casino industry does not want you to know is casino variance. Some slot games will have higher pay-out rates with lower wagering costs. These slots will allow you to make your way through these wagering requirements while hopefully holding onto your casino bonus winnings.

5. Control your Bankroll

This one may seem obvious but often overlooked by new players. New online casinos in New Zealand can be too good to be true, too exciting, and too fun. New players want to play right away, I know because I did too. Before you know It, accepting transactions through your e-wallet app becomes all too easy, and the instant payments give you no time to even think about how much you are spending.

The solution to this problem is simple... bankroll control. By controlling your spending at a new online casino not only will your hard-earned cash go a lot further, but it also prevents some serious losses and bad decision making.

6. Create a Strategy.

While we all know that the odds aren't necessarily in our favour at new online casinos, we can implement small changes to slightly lessen the casino's odds. Start by taking advantage of casino bonuses and rewards, these bonuses are put in place to attract new players to use them to learn casino games and get comfortable at new online casinos.

Next check out the pay-out rates of certain games and the percentage chance you have of winning big. For example, for all blackjack lovers, the chances of winning are significantly higher than that of American roulette. Planning where to gamble and what games to wager on can boost any player's chances at winning.

7. Join A VIP Program

VIP programs are there to reward loyalty, no online casino likes a player who jumps from casino welcome bonus to bonus. Therefore, many new casinos in New Zealand have created luring VIP programs ensuring players wager at their site longer. This incentive offers player bonus spins wager free bonus offers, cash prizes, and even all-expense getaways. VIP clubs are your best friend and join one as soon as possible to allows yourself to accumulate points for each time you wager.

8. Check Casino Legitimacy

The single-handed biggest mistake a casino player can make is by gambling at an online casino that is not licensed and regulated. There are governing bodies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) that regulate new online casinos in Malta. These regulatory bodies ensure players are gambling at fair and safe gambling sites. Many players jump right into the latest online casinos without knowing if the casino is legitimate. This can lead to wagering at sites with overly bias odds not giving you the proper chance of winning big.

Every online casino will have its regulators started at the bottom of their home page, and it takes seconds to check and review. This can save you huge sums over the course of your gambling journey.

Now, you are at a better place to start gambling at the latest online casino in New Zealand than most newcomers to the online casino industry. Understand, review, plan and enjoy wagering at your new online casino home!