Contrary to popular belief, you can play online casinos in India. Many of the best operators are based in Europe. But they operate in India because there are no laws that prohibit them. Experts call it legal greyness and it protects both the players and casinos.

That said, online casinos in India aren’t created equal. Some of them are committed to provide quality services. Others, not so much. In this article, we’ll focus on the features that make top websites stand out so that you can know what to check when choosing a good casino. Ready? Let’s get into it.

They Localize

Localization is a business term that means tailoring services to suit the needs of various customers. Online casinos localize their services in India in various ways: Language, currency, customer support, banking options and games.

Some casinos allow you to use Hindi, Bengali or Marathi languages when using their websites. It’s an option you can always turn off if you prefer English. But it’ a helpful feature for players that prefer to use their native languages while surfing the web.

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Language use aside, Indian casinos also support local banking options like UPI, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and RuPay. Crucially, you don’t need to pay extra for currency conversion fees. You can use rupees to place your bets in slots, poker and blackjack.

Another way these operators tailor their services is by providing reliable customer service through India-based call centers. The result is that you save your money and communicate with compatriots who understand your language and willing to help as much as they can.

They’re Mobile Friendly

More than half of Indians who use the Internet in India use their mobile phones. It’s a similar statistic to that of Canada where new online Canadian casinos all feature mobile-responsive websites. Many of the operators are based in Europe too now that Canada has the same legal greyness as India when it comes to gambling.

Although many gaming companies target Indian mobile players through iOS and android apps, online casinos choose a different route. They use mobile websites to help players save on space. Also, there’s the fact that Google doesn’t support gambling apps in countries where online casinos aren’t legal at a federal level.

All the same, mobile casinos provide convenience to the millions of Indians who use smartphones as their primary gaming devices. Many mobile casinos provide the same level of quality services as computer-based websites. As such, mobile players aren’t getting a raw deal as far as online casino gaming is concerned.

They Focus on Quality Games

Casinos players are generally tough to please. As a result, many casinos feature hundreds of games from all sorts of developers. The problem: many of these games lack the features players like. In India, operators take a different route.

They focus more on the quality of games they provide less on the quantity. The result is a situation where you can find a decent variety of games. And many of them are quality games with appealing features like wilds, scatters and multipliers.

To be clear, Indian casinos provide more than enough games. The average website features 300+ games but some operators have 1000+ games. The casinos lease their games from well-known developers like NetEnt, Microgaming and Evolution. That way, players are assured of getting top-rated slots and table games.

They have Fair Bonuses

One attractive quality of Indian casinos is that have lots of bonuses. The rewards start when you create an account. Some casinos give you a handful of free spins or ₹200 to spend on popular slots. If you make a deposit, the bonuses increase.

Usually, the most common bonus is a 100% match on your first deposit. If you deposit ₹1000, you get an extra ₹1000. If you deposit ₹20,000, you get a similar amount. There’s usually a limit, though. Many casinos place their limit at between ₹30,000 and ₹120,000.

The specific bonuses vary from one casino to another. While some websites have only one bonus for new players, others give out rewards regularly. These are the casinos most people like to play at, because bonuses can help increase your fortune.

With that in mind, bonuses vary in their value. A cash prize of ₹1000 is certainly better than a ₹500 bonus which comes with a host of terms and conditions. The objective is to get a reward that can help you win real cash. So, the fewer and more appealing policies a bonus has; the more interesting it is.

They Offer Smooth Banking

Earlier on, we mentioned that Indian online casinos do an excellent job of providing players with convenient payment methods. That’s not all they do. The best operators facilitate a smooth banking process so that you can deposit quickly and also cash out stress free.

Normally, casinos set the rules regarding how you can deposit and withdraw. For this reason, we can’t guarantee that all Indian casinos provide a smooth banking process. To be sure, look out for casinos with fast banking, low charges and flexible limits.

Also, consider reading reviews to get assurance that a casino provides the quick payouts it claims. Some operators say they don’t charge withdrawal fees or payout within a day but they don’t. Reading reviews can help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

They’re Secure and Transparency

If you’re like many people, you’re wary of Internet security. You like to protect your data and hate scams. Luckily, the best Indian casinos are out to protect your personal information. For starters, they encrypt your data and provide password protection to limit account access.

On the flip side, they are transparent. Not only do they ask for your consent before collecting your data, but they also give you the option to withdraw this consent. What’s more, they list their reasons for collecting your personal information.

Another way new Indian casinos are transparent is by revealing their terms and conditions. This way, you can’t spend your money or claim a bonus without fully understanding its requirements.