While an annual bonus is what all employees have been looking for after a hard-working year, being rewarded with a PS5 goes beyond the expectation of many gamers.

Recently, Chinese game companies took cyberspace by storm for revealing piles of PS5 and Switch consoles as the year-end bonus. The leaked photos circulated on the internet went viral in no time and drew huge attention from netizens. Scroll down to know more about the story.

Conpany Ps5 Year End Gift 0
A huge pile of PS5, Asus RTX 3070 Cards and many other expensive items are all set to be handed to miHoYo employees

PS 5, iPhone 12, Switch Console and more

Despite being the most converted and costly game hardware in the world, hundreds of Playstation 5 devices are all set to be given to miHoYo employees in their Year-End Party this week. The leaked photos saw a long wall made with PS5, RTX 3070 Cards, iPhones, Switch console boxes and several luxury hardware devices. This could be the greatest Year End Party you can ever wish to attend.

At the moment, the standard version of a PS is being sold at $499 while you can purchase one from India at Rs 49,990. Given the fact that miHoYo latest release Genshin Impact was a huge commercial success, it could be the company has been racking up gold, and paying off its employee’s hard work is expectable.

Take a look at other luxury digital and gaming devices miHoYo employees can receive at their year end party!

Conpany Ps5 Year End Gift

Conpany Ps5 Year End Gift 1

Conpany Ps5 Year End Gift Iphone

Conpany Ps5 Year End Gift 3

About miHoYo

Being founded by 3 Chinese university students, miHoYo is a Shanghai-based software company that focuses on making Japanese-culture-themed software. The company came up with some outstanding games like "Guns GirlZ", “Guns Girl - Honkai Gakuen”,"Honkai 3" and the most popular one "Genshin Impact" which became a true phenomenon in 2020.

Genshin Impact, which is a free-to-play JRPG, successfully struck a chord among the gaming community thanks to its unique features and especially its gacha-style gameplay which is different from any other ordinary gacha games. The game is all set to release the 1.3 version update this Feb with new character Xiao. Hopefully, it could be as awesome as the way miHoYo treats its employees.

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