Back in 2020, sleep streaming has been sparkled up across cyberspace with many streamers racking up huge amounts of money for doing nothing but sleeping. While this controversial trend receives mixed opinions from netizens, it continues to escalate in 2021.

A few days before, a female streamer Nyyxxii decided to go to sleep while streaming but her sleep was messed up by a sassy viewer. Find out how the troll woke up the ‘sleeping beauty’.

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Nyyxxii Sleeping

Sleeping streamer to encounter a troll donation

Just like many other streamers who follow the sleeping trend on Twitch, a female streamer called Nyyxxii decided to go to take a nap for a while with her camera on. However, her sleep was interrupted by a troll who went on teasing the streamer with a weird donation.

As you may know, while making donations, viewers can choose to attach a voice message. This must be the most annoying voice message Nyyxxii has ever received goes like this:


The awkward and hilarious message literally got on her nerves that the streamer couldn't help herself from cursing and looked for the troll who messed up on her sleep. There is no doubt that this won’t be the last time the young streamer encounters trolls like this.

Nyyxxii is a 21-year-old Twitch streamer who is a popular streamer who is mostly found in the Just Chatting section. She gained a reputation thanks to her stunning appearance and curvy figure. The streamer is now having around 130K followers on Twitch and many thousands on other social media channels.


About Sleep Streaming

After Twitch streamer Kacey “Kaceytron” Caviness going viral for live-streaming her sleep with more than 2000 people sleeping, the odd trend started to spread across popular streaming platforms like Twitch and TikTok in no time.

While many streamers gain a whopping number of followers and money overnight just by sleeping, many people find the trend totally ridiculous. However, it's been how the internet works. There are many hypes around nonsense stuff, one next to each other, and all of them are unexplainable!

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