Gamers, especially card players, always have their favorite toys. Sometimes they are small and invaluable items to other people but only the owner can understand the incredible spiritual value it contains.

Recently, a Japanese card player found himself in a bitter situation when his wife sold his entire magic card collection. The most heartbreaking part of it was that she didn’t understand the value of the collection and sold it at a shockingly cheap price. Keep scrolling down for the full story.

Magic Card Collection
Magic Card Collection is the real treasures to some people while it's valueless to others

Last week, a Japanese man who is a keen magic card player took his sorrowful story on social media. According to him, his wife sold the precious magic card collection on an online commerce website at a price which is many times less than its real value. While his huge collection is worth at least 700 JPY (Rs 4,9 lakh), the money they actually earned was hundreds time smaller than expected.

As their family has no financial problems, the fact that his wife sold his collection without asking for permission made him upset. Of course he doesn’t want to let go of his treasure easily. However, the effort of contacting the buyer for redemption was just in vain.

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It was more traumatizing than a divorce to the man when he lost his card collection

The story sparkled an interesting topic on the internet and netizens have been gushing over with mixed opinions. While many people agreed that it was all his wife's mistake and it was a sign of disrespect toward her husband, some people also thought that the man should have told his wife about the value of the collection.

When being asked about his response, the poor man claimed that he would not retaliate by doing the same thing to her. However, he is seriously considering a divorce. He is consulting his lawyer and is all set to let the court decide if it’s possible.