In Genshin Impact, there is a secret island that you cannot spot on the map. Once you reach the indie island, the Time and the Wind Quest will be opened. This article will show you how to reach the isolated island and solve the Time and the Wind quest in Genshin Impact. Keep scrolling down for more details!

Genshinimpact Secret Island Time And Wind

How to find the secret island in Genshin Impact

As the Time and Wind quest is only available on the unmarked island, you will need to reach out to this secret location first. However, as the island is far away from the mainland, the only way to get there is to fly from the Starsnatch Cliff. This makes Venti and Amber the best options to go with.

Although both of them needless stamina for flying, it’s better to eat some Northern Smoked Chicken as it will help restore the stamina for a long ride.

Genshinimpact Secret Island Time And Wind 2

How to solve Time and the Wind Quest in Genshin Impact

Once reaching the remote island, you will find a description of the island on the northern end. At here you will start the quest. Your mission is to chase and kill the Eye of the Storm. However, there are a few things you need to do to complete the quest!

Interact with the sundial and search for the wind cluster using your Elemental Sight. This item will be available only from 2 a.m to 5 a.m so you can adjust the clock forward if you get there too soon.

  • Use the Anemo ability to crack the cluster down into pieces
  • Use the Elemental Sight to search around the island and gather all the pieces. Make sure the clock is yet to pass 5 a.m or you can reset the clock one more time
  • Once getting all the three pieces of the wind cluster, head to the center of the island to seek another. Shatter it using Ameno and get ready for the fight against the Eye of the Storm.
  • Use the air current to chase the Eye of the Storm. The air current will take you to another sundial where an NPC is seen. Talk to him and interact with the camp behind him.
  • Reserve the clock to 2 a.m again to clear any clusters that appear around the sundial until the Eye of the Storm returns. This is the right time for you to kill it and complete the quest.

Above is the detailed instruction on how to find and solve the Time and Wind quest in Genshin Impact. Visit our website for more guidelines on how to complete other quests in the game.

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