What's the first thing we look at when evaluating a new online casino, we're yet to play at? A few players look at welcome offers, techies check whether the casino website implements SSL while many more read reviews online. However, the only thing that really matters is the ease of transacting with a casino. It's great that they have a 200% reload bonus every Thursday but how beneficial will it be when you have to drive a few miles to buy pre-paid vouchers for the only vendor they work with? Thankfully, competition in the online gambling sphere is cut throat and casinos will be phased out if they do not innovate. All the best ones are already processing payments in crypto; except that they do not give welcome bonuses for first deposits made by it. Casinos have to protect themselves from bonus abuse and crypto would be creating a loop hole for players to run multiple accounts due to its anonymity.

Casino Payment
What's the first thing we look at when evaluating a new online casino, we're yet to play at?

All decent casinos let players make payments and withdraw winning through crypto. This is because crypto is a highly convenient method that does not require players to share any sensitive details to casinos. The two most popular cryptocurrencies used by casinos are Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are various crypto exchanges that allow players to purchase crypto and withdraw winnings or send funds to casinos. The main difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin is that Ethereum works more like a cryptocurrency market while Bitcoin operates more like a traditional currency. On the portal https://topcasinoer.net/betaling-online-casino/apple-pay-casino/ you can pay with several payment methods, which makes it easier to use this platform to play, but the main one is apple pay casino.

Huge sums of money are involved in online gambling. Because of this, the reputation of casinos and payment systems deeply matters. The only way to ensure a hassle-free flow of money to and from the casino is to use trusted payment systems freely available in the market today. Payment processors like Instabill make it easy for casinos to process multiple payment modes, at a commission. Thanks to these, you can make from 5 euro deposit – when you need to try out a new casino risk free

Why do casinos prefer working with payment gateways instead of making in-house solutions? Developing an in house payment gateway requires a MASSIVE budget; partially because they have to comply to multiple standards like the ones stipulated by the PCI. They need to support multiple payment modes or they'll lose out on revenue. For example, if a player is offended by payment delays and requires pay-out in a hurry, then he or she will likely desire to withdraw his or her entire balance, never to return. Losing customers isn't a solid business practise.

Payment Method Gambling
Why do casinos prefer working with payment gateways instead of making in-house solutions?

There are several options for online casinos to choose from, when it comes to choosing a payment solution provider. One can opt for a company that offers traditional payments or a company that offers cutting-edge technologies. What's more, payment solutions also vary in different nations. While most companies focus on domestic payment solutions only, other companies offer international payment solutions, depending on the region of the client.  The best payment gateways show the most convenient payment modes for players by default.

Originally, businesses accepted online payments only through credit cards. However, they soon realized that credit cards cannot satisfy the needs of the entire market. Players may not be comfortable disclosing their banking details to a casino or having deposits to casinos appearing on their monthly bank statements.  The next logical step was to accept other popular payment methods, such as PayPal and Skrill. Soon after, Neteller, PaySafe and Ukash emerged as a preferred choice for players, mainly because these payment methods can be used to pay for all sorts of transactions, not just gambling ones.

E-wallets like PayPal, Instadebit, Payoneer, Skrill and Neteller are still a popular payment option in online casinos. Online casinos love e-wallets because such services do not charge a fee for withdrawals or deposits unlike credit cards.  (Well, it's levied to the casino and not from the player) Apart from that, playing in online casinos through e-wallets offers a lot of conveniences to customers, such as easy fund transfer between bank accounts and credit cards.

Pre-paid methods are a great payment solution for players who prefer to deposit funds in advance. Pre-paid cards are also popular in gambling websites. Pre-paid cards come in various denominations. These denominations can vary from $5 to $10,000. These funds can in turn be used by the players to play in any online casino that accepts that currency. The markets for pre-paid cards are growing in popularity because they do not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals (Again, casinos cater for transaction costs).