There are some great games to play online, but it’s even better if you can play them for free. You can find lots of these to enjoy, and they come in many different genres. That means there is something for everyone, whether you like shooter games or those that require skill and strategy.

Being able to play games for free isn’t just a great way to save money. You can spend your time learning a variety of games without having to dip into your wallet. Then, when you play games that are not free, your skills will be enhanced and ready to take on anything thrown at you. Here’s a look at some of the best free games around, in a variety of genres.

Multi-Player Fortnite For Free

Fortnite has been a massive success and playing it can make you a millionaire. You can hone your skills on this game for free and perhaps become so good that you can enter a money-spinning tournament.


Enjoying such a fantastic and successful game for free on your PlayStation is what dreams are made of. Without any charge being levied, you and your friends will soon be busy trying to create your dream Fortnite world.  With the new PlayStation console just around the corner, playing Fortnite will become even more exciting with new features available.

First-Person Shooters

There is also a good selection of free First-Person Shooter (FPS) games that you can choose from. How about trying the Apex Legends game, for example? This can be played for free on your PS4, Xbox One, and personal computer. Released by Respawn Entertainment, this is a battle royale game with 13 legends to choose from. When this game was released, it was tried out by over 50 million players in its first month. That’s an impressive number in anyone’s book.

Test Your Skill and Strategy with Cards

Anyone who has ever played poker will know there is a great deal of skill and strategy needed, as well as a little bit of luck. How is your poker face? Can you hide the fact that you have a great hand and know when to raise? It’s a bit different playing this game online because you don’t need a poker face for starters.

If you want to learn a new card game, then Replay Poker is the place to go. This is a site that is full of free poker games, including Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

There is a good selection of games available with thousands of other players to test your skills and strategy against. The site offers some help on how to improve your skills and teach you new strategies that you can use to beat your opponents.

The games can be played 24/7, and the site gives you plenty of bonuses and free chips, too.

Simulator Games

It’s difficult to get your hands-on free pizza, but you can always play The Pizza Situation. This top social network simulator game can be played for free online. There are some crazy characters in the game and plenty of humor, too.


You can be Roni Mozzarello, a cheesy name if ever there was one. He’s off to a party where a special pizza is on the menu, but will he get a slice of the action before six others finish it off? You’ll find yourself using your investigative skills to ensure you get that pizza you crave so much, and all of it is totally free.

Role-Playing Games

Winter is coming, but the Game of Thrones game is already with us. If you are still lamenting the end of the blockbuster television series,  or getting patient for the next book or spin-off show, then this is for you. Free to play, this is the official licensed Game of Thrones game to play on your browser. The artwork will absolutely blow you away; everything looks just like the characters you knew, loved, and hated in the TV series. This is a great game to play online for free with everything from dragons to witches and scheming galore.

Therefore, you can see that being able to play some top video games online can be done without spending any cash. More free games are being added all the time, so don’t break the bank balance, just play the free games, whatever genre you like most, and have a great time doing so.