PUBG Mobile is one of the most hardware-intensive games currently on the market - partially due to its graphics and huge map featuring hundreds of players. Only a high-end device would be able to play the game at its higher graphic settings.

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PUBG Mobile and OnePlus are both Chinese companies - they probably had a better time doing collab

However, in a collaboration with OnePlus yesterday, PUBG Mobile has decided to go another step beyond the “Extreme” graphics option by enabling the “90 FPS” setting in-game. This would enable players with OnePlus device to play the game at 1.5x higher framerate than players with other devices.

Do OnePlus users get unfair advantages?

The answer is yes. Framerate is a very important factor in video gaming, and in games that require precision (like PUBG Mobile, a shooter), a higher framerate with everything loading faster would lead to a better reaction, which is definitely unfair to players without OnePlus. For example, players with higher framerate would load the data received from the server faster, which leads to them seeing the target a split second earlier.

While you can argue that hardware quality is not PUBG Mobile’s fault - players with other brands of top tier phones would not be able to compete as well as OnePlus users. This might lead to serious problems in Tournaments.

90 FPS mode collaboration details:

This event would last for one month, from August 6 to September 7. During this period of time, players using devices from the OnePlus 7T series, OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 8 would be able to enable this exclusive 90 FPS mode in-game. Once it is activated, they would be able to enjoy PUBG Mobile at an unprecedented level of smoothness.

How to activate 90 FPS mode on One Plus device?

Where to enable the 90FPS mode

Firstly, you would need to change the refresh rate of the screen to Max using Settings > Display > Screen Refresh Rate. Afterward, just open PUBG Mobile, get to Settings and toggle the 90 FPS mode on.

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