Need a professional chair for your gaming sessions? Let's take $100 as your standard price, here're some options for you whenever you want to find out the best gaming chair for under $100. 

1. GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair 

Although GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair is unlikely to become the best gaming chair for under $100 due to a price tag of $150 (no doubt, it's costlier than your expected budget), it definitely bangs for your buck as the design still looks gorgeous when compared to other high-end racing chairs available in the market. 

best gaming chair for under $100 best gaming chair under 10000
GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair

It is also equipped with a lot of alterable ergonomics such as adjustable neck pillow, lumbar support, and armrests. There is a wide range of color combinations for users to choose as well, which even have the casters decorated in a very fancy way. 

2. OFM Essentials Racing Chair 

Like the aforementioned product, this gaming chair, which is manufactured by OFM, is an attractive option at a reasonable price. In general, gamers can be easily tempted by its stylish design, which mainly uses and combines black leather with several colorful mesh fabric.

Particularly, a wonderful thing about the feeling brought by this chair is the use of the mesh somehow helps it seemingly breathe after a long gaming session. 

best gaming chair for under $100 best gaming chair for 100 dollars
OFM Essentials Racing Chair

Another feature that receives many compliments from gamers is the flip-up armrests. Surprisingly, you can not see this useful function in many products at the same price; therefore, it really makes OFM Essentials Racing Chair stand out. In terms of color option, it also offers you with 4 popular colors that can match your gaming setup at ease. 

3. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair 

For those who are crazy about racing-car-like seats but still want to make a saving, Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair will be an ideal choice. You can find the comfort thanks to a sturdy hold-up frame and the usual ergonomics like movable lumbar or neck pillow on this $99 gaming chair. Only the adjustability of the armrests is not installed here, but it is still acceptable at this price point. If you're still unsure about the best gaming chair for under $100, Devoko Ergonomic won't let you down. 

best gaming chair for under $100 3
Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

4. AKRacing Core Series EX

If you are seeking a soft leather gaming chair that has the comfort like your sofa's, then you need to check out this wonderful AKRacing Core Series EX. It's considered as best PC gaming chair under 100 in terms of convenience.

Installed with the big-size backrest and seat made from impeccable as well as breathable fabric upholstery, this gaming chair especially suits big tall gamers or those loving leaning back. Like other products at the same price point, AKRacing Core also provides its users with adaptable lumbar, neck pillow, and various ergonomic supports. 

5. Respawn-200 Gaming Chair

Having a design covered by mesh and racing vibe, Respawn-200 is likely to attract gamers with a huge passion for racing. Almost all the back of the chair is made from mesh and the underneath seat is made from leather, which will create the comfort of both solid and breathable materials. Although it costs a little bit high, particularly $138, it provides much more adaptability for neck pillow and lumbar support. In a word, Respawn-200 deserves to have a nomination for best gaming chair for under $100.

best gaming chair for under $100 5
Respawn-200 Gaming Chair

6. X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair Rocker

Perhaps comfortably gaming with a beloved console in front of the TV is the dream of many gamers. Being aware of this, the manufacturer of X Rocker 2.1 has integrated a great number of features as well as Bluetooth 2.1 and a cutting edge wireless audio system in a glamorous gaming chair, so you can get the best gaming chair for under 100 with latest technologies.

best gaming chair for under $100 6
X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair Rocker

There are also alternative ports for headsets and chargers in case you do not find the available option very tempting. The price might fluctuate around $100, but honestly, having an amazing wireless gaming chair at this price is totally worthy. 

7. Big Joe Roma Chair

From the outlook, this chair looks like a huge soft bean bag seat that allows you to lean back and even lie on during your gaming session. Being sold at such an affordable price, this two-feet-wide gaming chair could help your game room become a great mix and match thanks to its more than a half-dozen color options. Believe me, Big Joe Rome is as cool as its name, making a notable pick for best gaming chair for under $100.

best gaming chair for under $100 7
Big Joe Roma Chair

8. Homan High Back Racing Chair 

With 14.5 inches in width and 30.5 inches in the back length, Homan High Back Racing Chair is undoubtedly best PC gaming chair under 100 for big and tall gamers. Similarly, the chair is also available for heavyweights with the max load of 300 pounds and many other supporting functions like adjustable neck pillow as well as lumbar. 

best gaming chair for under $100 8
Homan High Back Racing Chair

9. Respawn RSP-800

If you are into a simple style with fewer bells and supporting features, then this Respawn RSP-800 is your perfect option when it comes to best gaming chair for under $100. Particularly, while this rocker has a full, 360-degree swivel, this chair still has a stable stationary base that can help you stay unchanged in a position. Therefore, this product can match more perfectly in front of a TV than at a desk. 

best gaming chair for under $100 9
Respawn RSP-800

In addition, the tilt tension of the chair, as well as flip-up armrests, can also be adjusted to your liking. In general, not only having a very reasonable price, but Respawn RSP-800 is also comfortable for its users with the help of many supportive and adaptive features.