If you have ever been interested in online casino Bitcoin (or games with other cryptocurrencies), you should definitely go to bitfiring.com. The statistics of this site show the unsurpassed skill of this platform and a large number of satisfied participants. Bitfiring brings players' dreams to life and gives a lot of genuine emotions. Only professional, reliable providers cooperate with it. They take care of players and delight them with incredibly engaging games. And if you thought that all online casinos were monotonous and unremarkable, then Bitfiring will easily convince you otherwise. This platform is leading both in quality and advanced interface, as well as in a variety of games. In particular, Blackjack will be a nice option to have a great time with a lot of fun and get benefits from playing. It is considered a classic game in the world of gambling. We are going to focus your attention on the benefits of using a crypto casino, as well as describe how Blackjack works on the Bitfiring gaming site.

Bitcoin Slots

What is the difference between blackjack and bitcoin blackjack?

In fact, if you already know how to play Blackjack, then you will not have trouble mastering bitcoin Blackjack as well. Actually, you do not even need to learn anything new, because the rules are absolutely the same. The main peculiarity of online bitcoin casinos is not in the variations of games but in the way of making different transactions. In fact, there is nothing complicated. It is even more convenient for you. In brief, online casinos such as Bitfiring offer to withdraw money using cryptocurrency. Most often you will stumble upon the well-known bitcoin, but some platforms allow people to use Dogecoin, Tether, and so on. Even if you do not have a special virtual wallet where people usually keep their cryptocurrencies, you can easily fix it and enjoy improved online casino games. Instead, it is much more important to know how the withdrawal procedure takes place on such sites.

How to request and complete payments in online casino bitcoin

You needn't worry, it will not take more than a couple of minutes to make a withdrawal request. Moreover, you will get your money in about the same amount of time. We can proudly say that this is one of the main advantages of bitcoin blackjack or any other crypto game. Let's skip all the basic instructions on how to register on the casino site and move on to the most interesting part. To begin with, you have to understand that you need to interact with two platforms at once. This is directly a bitcoin casino, as well as a site with cryptocurrency. A virtual wallet with your funds must be created on this site. This is a special platform that is not linked in any way to the casino website. It is just where your money is kept.

So, let's say you as a player want to get your winnings. What do you do about this? By clicking on the icon of your account or the settings section you will find such a function. Most likely, you will immediately guess what a site wants you to do before making a payment. You usually only have to fill out a couple of lines. You must enter your wallet number, which will then receive a notification of transaction confirmation. If you have not requested this procedure, but got such a letter, be sure to reject it immediately.

In addition, the player writes the amount of money he wants to transfer to his account. That's all! No personal information. No further action. And here you receive your winnings in a few minutes, while in regular casinos this procedure can take up to four or five days. By the way, this is not the only pro of Bitfiring. Undoubtedly, the best indicator of quality is the characteristics of the game so we want to clarify some points about bitcoin blackjack.

Basic instructions for bitcoin blackjack

In fact, Blackjack is not one of the most difficult games. Perhaps the hardest thing for you to remember are the names of the combinations, but they can easily be googled on the Internet. By the way, the whole game is about these special sets of cards. Each of them has some value and affects the outcome of the game. The participant is given two cards out of a fifty-two-card deck at the beginning. Then he decides whether to take another one or it is better to abstain. It is also possible that you get a blackjack combination all at once. This can be considered a jackpot.

The essence of the game is focused on two points. First of all, the participant must make a bet. Without this step, you simply cannot start the game. Of course, you can adjust the size of a wager as you like.

Secondly, many people know that this game can often be called Twenty-One. This is because the goal is to score as many points as 21. Of course, it will not always work, but you should try to at least come close to this number. After all, even though all sorts of variations of blackjack have appeared over time, the essence remains the same. Blackjack is great for developing logical thinking and calculation skills. Do not forget about the winnings that are waiting for you!


To sum up, it is amazing how far modern inventions have developed. Now all people are free to spend and earn money through cryptocurrency. In general, the technology of blockchain has made it possible to deposit and withdraw the money anonymously at online bitcoin casinos. It takes less time than you can imagine! Apart from that, it is totally secure. Bitcoin blackjack and online casino bitcoin in general is an incredible discovery for players. Fortunately, Bitfiring has stood the test of time and always makes players happy and stunned!