Brave Order is a brand new mobile game that takes the unique elements of Dota Auto Chess and slaps them on top of the stale turn-based combat system of the traditional gacha RPG. No doubt the developer intended to create something new out of the combination, but unfortunately, the game just doesn’t set itself apart enough from the countless other titles of this genre out there.

Most of your time will be spent fighting through a series of repetitive levels, which try their hardest to fool you into thinking that there’s some real strategy involved here. You’ll arrange your heroes and other units into a formation that you see fit, then send them out to fight against another army.

Brave Order Trailer

You will be able to see the formation of the enemy right at the start of each level, though, so coming up with a counter is boringly simple. All you have to do in every level is putting the tanks at the front and the damage dealers behind. That’s basically it.

The combat system wants to focus on strategy, but in reality it’s just the same thing over and over again

The only thing that could pass for a bit of “real strategy” in this entire affair is choosing when to use the special abilities of your heroes. These range from powerful AoE attacks to healing or shielding skills. Honestly, though, you can just use them on-cooldown and be done with it.

Brave Order
There is very little strategy involved, despite the game trying to fool you into thinking otherwise

While not fighting, you have the usual gacha RPG stuff to deal with, namely spending the currency that you earn after the battles to summon new heroes. And of course, OF COURSE there is an option for you to spend real money to buy as many of them as you like.

And then there are various upgrade options, which, again, are just more of the same: Equip gear to increase the stats of your units, improve the skills to make them more powerful. Nothing so special here.

Brave Order is not necessarily bad, it’s just not good enough to be memorable among tons of similar titles

When it comes to the aesthetics, Brave Order is decent. The graphics are bright, the animations are fluid, and the effects are colorful. But again, they fall prey to the same issue: There’s nothing new or unique here, and the only impression that stays with you is that “this is just another gacha RPG”.

Brave Order3 Min
The visuals are bright and colorful, but in the end, it's just another gacha RPG

All things considered, Brave Order is not exactly “bad”. It’s just that if you’ve played any other gacha RPG before, then you already know exactly how things are with this game. If you are really curious, there’s no harm in picking it up. You might even be able to squeeze an hour or two of entertainment out of it. To spare yourself the disappointment, though, don’t expect anything special.