Both lottery gaming and casino gaming offer players the chance to gamble, play games and try to win money. They are very different types of gaming and attract different types of players. At the moment, casino gaming is bigger than lottery gaming, with more options for players and a lot more talk about the industry.

However, could this ever change in the future? The casino industry seems to be heading in the right direction and continues to grow around the world, but the lottery gaming industry could be about to get a big boost of players, due to the way it is changing online.

Lottery Accessibility

Anyone who hasn’t closely followed the lottery industry for the past couple of years may not know about the accessibility differences that we now see today. Players no longer have to play offline and with their local lottery only. Now, the doors are open to playing many different lottery games from all over the world using sites such as to buy tickets for games that in the past have been inaccessible for some players.

Online Lottery
The industry of online lottery is growing and poses a challenge for its casino counterpart.

This move creates two different ways in which the industry can grow and challenge casino gaming. The first is that the industry should see an influx of new players coming in. These are players that have previously not been interested in playing their own local lottery, but they now want to get involved because other games are open and available to them.

Secondly, those who are already involved can play more if they wish and become regular lottery players. This is something that was always available to those who played casino games, but not for lottery, as draws usually took place once a week, sometimes twice.

With so many draws to choose from, including big American draws like Mega Millions, players who want to stick with lottery gaming and nothing else can play on a daily basis. On top of that, sometimes they may even be able to play multiple games in one day.

The Future

One area where both industries will want to focus on is mobile play. If you look at any kind of gaming news, the amount of mobile games that are being released continues to grow and this is where everyone is heading for their gaming.

Online Casinos
No doubt the online gambling industry must find ways to improve their quality and maintain users.

To attract the players they need, both lottery gaming sites and online casinos need to ensure that their service is just as good on mobile devices, if not better, than on computers. This is going to play a big role in determining the future of both businesses, how much they grow, and which one comes out on top, if there is a clear winner at all.

Lottery gaming looks set to receive a big boost in the coming years, because the way in which a variety of games are now available for players is going to be very appealing. Whether it’s new players or existing players trying their luck more often, in terms of tickets sold, lottery gaming is growing, and could one day challenge casino gaming as a standalone form of gambling.

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