India is an interesting country in terms of online gambling. If you were to search online for the regulations surrounding gambling in the country, you would struggle to find a concrete answer regarding the legality of gambling. There are many forms of gambling around the world, especially online and one of the rising markets for online betting is Esports. The question is, can you bet on Esports in India?

The online gambling regulations in India are difficult to understand and therefore, the situation surrounding Esports betting is not clear. Local provinces in India have the opportunity to set their own laws regarding online gambling, meaning there is not one centralised body overseeing Esports betting in the country. So, in many ways, esports betting is somewhat of a grey area, and it has not been defined in any of the acts and regulations surrounding online gambling in India.

online betting in India

There is one state in India that has moved to legalise online gambling. Sikkim was the first state in the country to grant an official license to an online gambling and sports betting brand. Sadly, the operator does not have any involvement with Esports but hopefully, that will change in the future as more betting operators enter the Sikkim market.

Thankfully, due to the dated betting legislation in India, there is no specific law that bans people from using online betting websites. Due to the lack of regulation, you could say that it is illegal for anyone to bet on Esports online but at the same time, due to the fact there is no legislation in place, you could also make a case for Esports betting to be legal.

As highlighted above, the situation is confusing but ultimately, there is nothing stopping you from betting using trusted Esports betting sites like those found on

esports betting in India

India is emerging as an Esports playing country and the first Overwatch team was recently created. The most popular Esports games in India include Overwatch, CS: GO, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and PUBG. So, if you wanted to bet on an Indian Esports team, you are advised to look for events based on these games and that is where you will find the bulk of the Indian based Esports teams.

In terms of where to bet on Esports in India, you are spoilt for choice. Many of the big-name online sports betting brands offer Esports markets, including Bet365, 1XBet and 22Bet. These brands have major licenses and operate worldwide, meaning they are an excellent choice for Indian Esports gamblers.

However, we are seeing a rise in the number of dedicated online Esports gambling websites. These have been created especially for Esports betting and have a wide range of Esports betting markets, in addition, to live streaming of Esports events around the world.

GG.Bet, ArcaneBet, and Rivalry are examples of Esports betting websites that are available in India. They each come highly recommended, and you will find a tremendous selection of Esports betting markets and payment methods.

So, you can bet on Esports in India but always check the licenses and reviews of your chosen website before you begin betting.

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