Every casino has a large share of income undoubtedly from bets made by the players. But in addition to the basic profit on the bets of gamblers, the casino earns on drinks, snacks, hotel room charges. This is no secret to anyone, the owners of gambling houses, as well as the players themselves know about it. Any bet lost immediately goes from the player's hands to the casino coffers. However, there are bets that you should not make. Naturally casinos are aware of this, but for their own selfish purposes are silent. In this article we'll show you the secret of bad bets, or bets are known to lose.

Blackjack insurance

The dealer will be offering to hedge your blackjack bets over and over again. But there's no point in even considering such an option. The casino has 8% on every bet that is insured, so don't be fooled by the dealer and refuse this offer. This is true even when you play at real money casino Australia online.

List of the best online casinos


Keno is a type of lottery. There is a very large casino advantage over the player, it is - at least 25%. In other types of lotteries, the advantage is even greater. In my opinion, this is enough not to play this game at all.

American Roulette

American roulette differs from European roulette because it has two zero fields, which makes the casino's chances for player to lose even greater. Whereas European Roulette has a 2.7% casino advantage over the player, the American Roulette game has 5.25%. This, too, is something to think about.

Baccarat bet on Draw

Baccarat is one of the most popular and widespread games both, at online and real casinos. It allows you to make three kinds of bets simultaneously, the first on the field of the Banker, the second on the field of the player himself, and a draw. But when betting on the draw there is a problem, again the prerogative of the casino in the limits of 14.4%, and this is not small chance for player to lose.

Wheel of Fortune

Practically, Wheel of Fortune, familiar to many people, is essentially a children's game. It is extremely cute and interesting, and it is often played by children at various children's parties, and usually not for money. But no matter how childish it is, but the casino just as unchildishly can beat you with its 24% advantage in this game.

Betting on a tie in Casino War

A game with the simplest of rules, it's based on a child's game as well. Here you just have to draw a card, and whoever has a bigger card, then there is a winner. The biggest win you can get if you put on a draw. In that case the winnings are 10:1. But again there is a problem, the predominance of the casino in this case - 18.7%.


In general, if you avoid the bets mentioned above - then your chances of winning at a casino, whether online or land-based casino, will be times higher.

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