McDonald's Monopoly is back on the menu! The board game that has been putting friends and families up against each other for decades has once again returned to the popular fast food chain. What started as a one-time promotion in 1987 is now known as one of McDonald’s’ biggest and most successful promotional events that keep customers hungry for prizes and coming for seconds. Let's take a look at this real money monopoly game and see why its fans can't get enough of it.

Monopoly at Mcdonald's? 

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Believe it or not, the first McDonald’s Monopoly promotion took back in 1987, when the company gave away tokens that were then exchanged for real money prizes, on the same principles Monopoly game is played. Nowadays, instead of symbolic money rewards, participating customers can win up to £100k cash, mini electric cars and exotic holidays. Even so, the small rewards, usually cheaper items on the menu, are just as popular as they were back in the days of perms and broad shoulder pads. 

Knowing it is hard to resist the party, the Golden Arches brand confirmed a separate Monopoly game, reserved only for staff members, is simultaneously taking place. Staffers can win all the same prizes (except for the 100k cash), but their competition is a bit more complex. Namely, it also features a series of quizzes and mini-games. Surprisingly, the in-house competition is nothing new, as it has been taking place for 10 years on the company’s intranet. 

Why is Monopoly So Popular? 


Monopoly, a board game created back in the 1930s, is a real adventure. Some might even argue that Monopoly is so good, it is the best game ever created, and honestly, once you look at the facts, it is hard to argue it. 

One of the main allures of Monopoly is it is simple enough kids can play it, yet it can be so competitive that even the adults will want to join the race. An average game of Monopoly lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, making it just long enough to stay entertained without going overboard or being too easy. 

The classic design has a universal appeal, but it is the special editions of the game that keep it relevant. Whether you want to fight for Westeros realms in the Game of Thrones edition or play it online - the choice is up to you, but keep in mind that the future of this game is in the latter.

Its adaptability and popularity make Monopoly one of the most played online casino games. By being transferred to different gaming genres, Monopoly never ceases to amaze. Toss in some spectacular 3D animations to the mix and basic rules of the game, and you’ve got yourself quite a delicious cocktail no real casino gaming lover can resist.   

So, before you start complaining about yet another rainy Sunday afternoon, perhaps visit your nearby McDonald’s, look for some Monopoly figurines under the couch, or play Monopoly online. The fun will always be guaranteed!