Are you somebody that prefers a family friendly Saturday night from the comfort from your own home? If so, you are in luck. Read on for some top tips on creating the perfect Saturday night home games night, which can be done with friends or family, and can be adapted to be more child or adult friendly.

Dig Out Some Classic Board Games

Board games are always a family favourite, so this is a great option if you are having a games night with your kids, particularly since it will ensure that your night is really interactive and will keep everybody entertained. Board games are also great for family reunions with the extended family, since they allow you to talk and have a laugh while playing the game, so it feels super sociable.

There are so many board games out there and something will definitely stand out to you depending on your interests. If you are really competitive, try a classic like monopoly. If you like skills-based games, test your spelling skills with a game of Scrabble. If you want something a little more relaxed and silly, why not try Frustration? Whether you decide to go for an old favourite or something a bit newer on the market, you are guaranteed to have a night of fun.


Play Deal or No Deal Bingo

If your games night is on a smaller scale and you want to make it online, why not play an all-time favourite - deal or no deal bingo? You can find Deal or No Deal bingo games and reviews at if you don’t know where to start. Bingo is a fun and interactive game that requires a lot of concentration, so you will not become bored in the process. You can buy as many tickets as you want, with each ticket increasing the jackpot size and you can play to win cash prizes.

Depending on whether you are a team player or a lone wolf, you can choose whether you want to team up with players or play solo. Whilst playing bingo in real life is fun, it can also be more comforting playing it from the comfort of your own home and the lack of pressure may make you more successful overall. There is also a chat feature, so even though you aren’t physically with the other players, you can still enjoy an evening full of socialising and making witty jokes with one another.

Make or Buy Some Prizes

To motivate everyone to become fully invested in the games night, a fun element to add is prizes. Depending on how seriously you are taking the games night and depending on your budget, you could either make prizes or you could buy them. If the games night is more aimed at children, giving them stickers or sweets will definitely motivate them to try really hard. If you are with older players, cash prizes or vouchers can be a good option.

If you want to go all out, you can create some certificates or medals which can be won by the winners of the game at the end of the night. If you want to take a more collaborative approach, you can ask everybody attending the games night to bring one prize item each – you could then either put these in a lucky bag or make them into a raffle to add an element of surprise to the evening.

Make a Theme for Your Night

To make your night super fun, why not decide on a theme for the night? This could relate to the games you are going to play, or it could be totally random. You could decorate your house in a theme and ask guests to come dressed up following the theme. Good theme ideas include sea creatures, movie characters or choosing a decade to take inspiration from. Another prize could be given for the best dressed guest.

Board Games By Nights

Adding themes to your evening builds up an element of excitement and means that your guests will all have to put in a bit of work to prepare for the event. This could also work if you want to do a games night remotely – you can each show each other your chosen outfits via webcam.

Games nights are a fun, and often not too expensive, way of having an entertaining night right from your home. Having different elements to your night such as food, themes and clothing can really make it feel like a memorable event that you will look back on fondly. Interaction, whether this is online or in person is also great for your mental health and your general ability to socialise with others, so it is a good idea to try and incorporate this into your weekly activity. Finally, having a weekend games nights will give you something fun to look forward to throughout the week and will motivate you to try that little bit harder during work.