Monopoly may be known as a family-friendly (aside from the tantrums and arguments) activity that comes out at Christmas time. But it has a profound history. This specific pastime was developed off the back of something similar known as The Landlord’s Game, which had educational purposes. The Landlord’s Game was created to show how the economy can benefit from taxation and was used to exhibit different theories about the economy and tax. Of course, Monopoly can still do this and teach fundamental values about money to younger players, but we usually just play for fun.

But we aren’t always digging out the dusty box to play in the modern era. Most of us now play through digital formats. So, how has this specific pastime stayed relevant in current times?

Monopoly Video Game

Monopoly video titles are not that common in 2020, but they were a stepping stone for the activity to stay relevant in a changing age. In 1985, the most famous video title was released for players to play on various consoles. Albeit board games were still in fashion during this time, it readied the activity for an upcoming time of crazed video gaming.

Monopoly Video Game

Online Games

Since then, computer gaming has continued to flourish but in a new manner. Thanks for better computers and smartphones, as well as faster internet, many of us choose to play online. The game has adapted to this with multiple online sites ready to offer online versions and the chance to play others over the internet. There have even been variations created at online casino sites where players have the opportunity to win real money. The live online version of Monopoly is available at most reputable casinos and is worth checking out!

Slot Machines

Another casino adaptation of the boardgame can be found in the slot section. Slots have delved into almost countless themes and topics, such as Netflix shows, Greek mythology, cartoons and even Monopoly. You can usually play Monopoly slot games if you find a casino that is offering a wide variety of slot machines from different developers.


Mobile Apps

Because the actual playing board is quite big and has lots of content, it is not always easy to make Monopoly online games for smartphones because sites have trouble converting the experience to smaller screens. One recent solution has been to create apps so players can easily play with friends online from their mobile.

How Else Does Monopoly Stay Relevant?

As we have touched on above, the pastime has created different formats and variations to stay relevant. You can now play casino Monopoly titles that make reference to the original game without copying it exactly. And even the online games that imitate the original may have a slight twist. One of the common strategies used by gaming developers is to make a variety of themes, such as Harry Potter Monopoly or Monopoly based on real-world cities. This keeps players interested and the activity relevant to younger generations and has even been done with the real board games as well.