We have probably all played MONOPOLY at least once at some point in our lives, as it is one of the most popular board games to have ever existed. Now, it is getting a digital adaptation, which is set to hit Android and iOS later this year. The news came during the Brand Licensing Europe event that took place yesterday. Hasbro, the toy company behind the board game, has confirmed that this mobile port is being handled by Marmalade Game Studios. If that name sounds familiar to you, that's because this studio has previously worked on many other titles including The Game of Life, CLUEDO, and the BATTLESHIP games.

Monopoly Mobile 670x335
MONOPOLY is officially coming to mobile!

In addition to the classic mode, this mobile version of MONOPOLY will also include a hyper mode that increases the pace of the game to make it more suitable for on-the-go play. Moreover, you can also add multiple customized house rules at once, meaning you’ll be able to play MONOPOLY just the way you want to.

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You'll be able to add customized rules to play the game just the way you want to

A press release for the game also claims that it aims to “bring board game fun to everyone” and thus will offer a way to compete against players from all over the globe. This might imply that an online multiplayer mode will be present, but since the wording here is rather unclear, we can’t say anything for certain just yet.

Monopoly Ios Screenshot Board
There might be an online multiplayer mode, but we can't say for sure yet

What we do know for a fact, though, is that MONOPOLY mobile will be a premium app, just like many other board game adaptations from Marmalade Game Studios in the past. We might even get to see DLCs or expansions in the future. As for the release date, all we know at this point is that the game will be available later this year. Considering Marmalade’s reputation, we have very high hope for this one and will definitely be keeping a close eye on it in the coming months, so do stay tuned for more updates!