In the last few years, app development for mobile phones has undoubtedly sped up on all fronts, not least in the field of casino games. Of course, these can also be played in a browser, but in which places do which games work best?

Browser Games

There are obviously multiple different variants of casino games out there to suit different players and what people want from a game, and therefore what might suit one player won’t suit another. One type of game that works pretty well in a browser is the bingo scratch card from providers such as Paddy Power. Online scratch cards have risen to enough popularity among players that they now get their own category, just like classic casino games such as blackjack or poker do.

There's a wide range of online scratch cards to choose from and as the premise of them hasn’t changed since the move online, they still remain hugely popular. Moreover, with such a variety of themes available, such as game shows with Deal Or No Deal, they have the opportunity to appeal to an even larger number of people.

You've also got the option to play on live casinos in browsers which help to bring the casino to the comfort of your own home with classic games such as roulette and blackjack available, amongst others. An advantage of a live casino is that it allows you to play with a live dealer in real-time as opposed to simply watching them on a screen. That helps to make the overall experience a lot more immersive.

It's important to remember however that browser games aren't just exclusive to PCs and can, of course, be played on mobile phones as well. This blurs the lines between apps and desktop browsers, giving you both the convenience of an app of your phone but on any preferred browser. Of course, with a browser, you obviously need a stable Wifi connection to play casino games which isn't true in the case of some apps and could be seen as a potential con.

Casino Games
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Native Apps

However, for games such as online bingo, some people feel apps work best finding it adds further convenience to playing on your phone. Having everything at the touch of a button in your hand just makes life that little bit easier. Moreover, it gives instant access to a whole range of bingo games such as the ever-popular 90 ball variant or the quicker 80 Ball version that has come around for a quicker game in online situations.

Casino Games
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One key advantage of using apps for casino games is the sheer ease of access that they offer - you obviously don't have to lug a desktop PC around in order to spin some slots or play some poker. That being said, the portability does come at a cost - phone battery. Some native apps - due to their increased sophistication - can be more demanding on your phone power than in-browser games. If your phone dies, you obviously won't be able to continue playing, but there are some handy lists out there to help you out with a phone that'll last a long time.

Whether you’re playing on a browser, on an app or using a games console, there’s sure to be a casino game that’s for you. Rest-assured that whatever platform you choose to use that it’s sure to be a great experience.