Xbox Tech

Since gaming has become a viable career choice, the specifications of the tech have gotten increasingly important. Now, if you want to make a gaming website using a web builder, you need to know how impressive your console is. The video maker tool on web builders like Wix is great, but it isn’t very useful if your console is recording videos that lag or fail to convert properly.

For a while, the Xbox lagged behind PlayStation with few experts willing to throw their weight behind it. However, the latest releases – the Xbox Series X and S – have some major fans.

Does the Xbox’s tech really put it ahead of the competition though? Let’s take a look at why you might want to consider getting the Series X over a PlayStation 5.


When it comes to the CPU, there is not too much to separate between the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. Technically, the Xbox’s specs are slightly better. The question is whether it makes any real difference.

For most people who have tried both, both perform excellently. They are fast and the graphics are better than ever. Some report a slightly faster load time with the PS5 but few would wager that it matters.

So, while the Xbox tech cannot be said to be behind PlayStation, this does not put it ahead of the competition. If you're trying to decide which console to use for your Twitch channel or website, both will be fast and effective.


A few years back, you would have pitted the available games against each other. However, in a world with cross-compatibility and backwards compatibility, even the Nintendo Switch can handle most games. In other words, you're not going to have any trouble playing the games you want to play no matter what console you get.

That said, Xbox does seem to perform better on some games, and this may be where its impressive CPU and GPU specs make the difference. It could also be a quirk of those particular games, but there don’t seem to be many reports of games working better on PlayStation 5.


The design of the console itself has never really mattered to me, and many gamers will feel the same. However, to those who do care about design, the Xbox Series X is considered way more sleek and attractive than the PS 5 which is, admittedly, rather bulky.

In terms of controllers, the design of the Xbox controller makes it easier to use and more comfortable in your hands than the design of the PS 5 controller. Again, it is one of those issues where you have to ask how much of a real-world difference it makes. It is also something that may come down to personal preference. While most people prefer the Xbox controller, there will be plenty who would choose the PS 5 controller instead.

The Business Side

If you do intend on making a career out of gaming, the Xbox Series X is as good as it gets. I won’t say that it is necessarily ahead of its competitors, but it is at least as good as any other.

When building a career as a pro gamer, you need to do more than create Twitch and YouTube accounts. You should actually set up your own website to showcase yourself on your own terms. It is on your website that you can best introduce yourself, sharing your backstory as well as what makes you interesting. You can share your best videos, your achievements, and even sell merch when you become successful.

Website design is easier than ever in 2021. You can use a website builder to create a website in less than an hour. No gamer will be looking for the most complex website when checking yours out, but it is important that it looks professional and attractive.

The tools available on website builders also make them ideal for gamers. You can use video maker tools and editors to present your best media.

Creating a website is a crucial aspect when it comes to building your online presence. Social media networks come and go, with their popularity sometimes growing and sometimes dropping off. A website, however, will always be useful. It should tie in with your other accounts, but provide a jumping off point of its own.

As a pro gamer, the Xbox Series X will do everything you need it to do. Its technology is excellent, and while it may not be streets ahead of the competition, it is better than most.

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