There is a huge rise in the gaming and eSports sector with the industry reaching over $200 billion by 2023. The eSports degree offers undergraduate study opportunities for gamers across the globe. With the increasing relevance of this sector and the huge money there, an eSports degree is a wise choice. This degree is beyond playing games, you must at least present a worthy thesis.

Are you looking to enroll for an eSports degree? Then you should consider how to navigate thesis defense. In this article you will find everything you need to know about an excellent thesis defense as an eSports degree student.

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Thesis Defense Overview

A thesis or dissertation is a long paper written on a subject within your field of study. When you turn in your thesis, you will have a date to defend it. As an eSports degree student, you will need to write a paper on a subject within the confines of your course.

Typically, at least two instructors from your major will be present for your thesis defense along with yourself. You may expect to be tested on your research during the defense of your thesis. The purpose of the thesis defense is to show your deep understanding of the information covered in your chosen field of study. To graduate, you must successfully defend your thesis.

Features of a Thesis Defense

A thesis defense differs from one country to another. Some are closed, while others are open to the public. Some have two examiners, while others have more. First of all, you should discuss with your department the structure of your thesis defense. In fact, an eSports degree is not less difficult or standard as it involves thesis writing. Thus, many individuals studying for it may need thesis help from professional writers. Academic experts can save student’s time and improve their work.

Here are the two basic features of a thesis defense.

1. Presentation

You might need to deliver a presentation, and they are often done with Powerpoint or Google Slides. Make sure you have enough slides prepared. Typically, a 15 minute presentation will require around ten slides. This also depends on the nature of your presentation and the material you're covering.

2. Committee Questions

After you finish your presentation, the committee will ask you questions about your work. The questions are usually around the main idea of the thesis content. Examples are; "what lesson you can deduce from the thesis," what interests you in the topic of choice or how will the thesis benefit the body of knowledge?

4 Tips for Killing Your Thesis Defense

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Dress Well

When you defend your thesis, it is a formal affair, and sometimes the whole department or institution is invited. Though there are often no strict clothing requirements for such an event at colleges. The finest combination of formality and ease of movement is a suit and tie. Dress professionally, as if you were going to a meeting with a potential employer or presenting a paper at a scientific meeting.

Practice and Prepare for Questions

Practice your presentation well before the defense. Read through your thesis and make a list of potential questions as you go. Consider the background and interests of the committee members. What areas are they most likely to concentrate on? Sit in on other thesis defenses with these committee members if possible to get a sense of how and what they ask.

Don’t Say “No”

There is always the possibility of being asked a question for which you lack an answer. You should anticipate some questions, but you never know exactly what the committee will ask. Your knowledge will always be incomplete. Instead of saying a “No” you can say "I don't know" at times. A better way is to give an explanation. "I don't know, but I think or I can say that … This demonstrates your ability to think like an academic.

Calmness Training

Expect to feel anxious. Don't freak out; this is nothing new to the representatives. Feeling anxious is natural. Anxiety may be managed via preparation. Remember that your examination profs are there to help in any way they can, including by repeating questions.

Anxious people often speak rapidly and chuckle nervously. Deepen your breathing and purposefully slow down to prevent this. Keep in mind that the time that seems like ages to you is actually merely seconds. Don't rush to an answer; read the question carefully. Rather than shouting out an answer, just be silent.


A thesis defense is not as hard as it sounds. As an eSports degree student, you should prepare for writing an excellent thesis. Also, you should be prepared for the defense. And this is what we have taken the time to simplify. Get well acquainted with your presentation and be ready to answer questions. With the increasing relevance of this sector and the huge money there, a degree is a wise choice.