About Foxbonus.com in Canada

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As a part of FOX Bonus Collective, Foxbonus.com is a website where you can find pretty much everything about the online casino industry, whether you are interested in casino comparison solutions or you simply want to gain more information about how things work in this super-fast-growing industry.

They are present in many parts of the world and therefore and prepare our content is various languages, to make our visitors feel more convenient. 

Therefore, they just added a version of our website in French, targeting the Canadian population.

Foxbonus.com offers casino comparison solutions in various parts of the world. Our team has specialized in markets around the world, including Asia, Europe and North America. When you talk about North America, it is hard to neglect the Canadian market, which shows great potential and grows very fast.

So far, the Canadian version of Foxbonus.com was available in English. However, you probably know that this huge country with a population of nearly 40 Million people has two official languages. Besides English, French is another official language, spoken in many parts of the county. Approximately, this is the native language for more than 21% of the population.

Therefore, our goal was to make this large group feel more convenient and gain necessary information in a much easier way. 

French language support

The French version is a website filled with content that’s been adapted to the Canadian market in particular, so visitors can learn everything about casinos that operate in this part of the world.

Foxbonus.com is a casino comparison website and this version puts focus on the Canadian market. There, you can find all kinds of comparisons and find out what are the best offers among operators. Foxbonus evaluates online casinos from different aspects, starting from bonus offers, payment methods, game offers, etc. In that way, you can compare online casinos from different angles and get the right picture of what each operator has to offer.

Besides comparison solutions, our French version of Foxbonus.com also offers a lot of useful content that can help you learn more about how things work in this industry. 

They offer all kinds of guides and lessons, so you can learn about different types of bonus offers and how to choose between them. You can also learn everything you need about different casino games, how to play them and how to develop a good strategy that will increase your chances of winning.

This website also provides information about different payment methods and how to choose the one that would work best for you. Furthermore, you can learn everything about the safety risks and how to choose an online casino that will keep your personal data safe. As things are changing pretty fast, both on our website and in the online casino market-.


Besides Canada, Foxbonus.com is present in many other parts of the world. Our team of experts and enthusiasts compare online casinos that operate in various markets. 

They already cover the most important European markets, such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, and Ukraine. 

The website also covers online casino markets of countries like Russia and Argentina, as well as the huge market of India, which is about to regulate online gambling in the near future.