Finding nods to beloved films is always appealing in the world of franchises. Online slots are no exception and themed slots tend to be particularly impressive, offering unmistakable sound effects, dialogue and interactive features that clearly recall the magic of the original movie.


Modern online casinos present an impressive array of graphically exceptional games and entice new players with prominent bonuses and free spins. Casinos such as BetMGM, Caesars Palace and Borgata—you can check out their review here—stand out for both their generous promotions and exceptional games.

However, with so many choices available, selecting which slot game does the best to capture the charm of its cinematic counterpart? Here is the opinion of a huge film buff—feel free to see for yourself! Just don't forget to spin responsibly and check gaming regulations in your region.

The Best Movie-Based Slot Game in 2023: Jumanji

This slot is based on the original 1995 version of the film, in which two siblings discover a magical board game that releases a man trapped inside since childhood (Robin Williams) and several real jungle dangers into the world. The group must survive wild animals, natural disasters and a relentless hunter as they struggle to finish the game. The film, known for its pioneering special effects, centres on themes of bravery and overcoming fears.

Anyone who loved or grew up with the original film will be immediately transported as they begin to play the Jumanji slot game. The graphics from developers NetEnt are well-detailed and of exceptional quality. The sound design is equally remarkable, producing an exhilarating, percussion-driven rhythm that constantly reminds the player of the potential excitement and peril that lies ahead with each spin.

Jumanji features 5 reels and 36 pay lines. It stands out with its unique layout, as each reel has various rows. It has a slightly higher-than-average RTP of 96.33%. The game also includes a range of features that call back to the original film, such as "sticky vines", which randomly make winning symbols and wilds stick to the board, increasing the chances of winning or "wild stampede," which is a twist where a herd of animals stampedes across the board, replacing existing symbols with wilds and creating new opportunities for wins.

Runner-up: Ghost Busters Plus

Inspired by the iconic 1984 horror-comedy "Ghostbusters", this slot allows you to join the original Ghostbusters team—Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler—in their quest to rid the world of spooky ghosts. It's not the first video game inspired by the film and likely not the last. But it is impressive nonetheless.

With its 5-reel, 20-payline layout, Ghostbusters Plus immerses you in the movie experience with its spooky effects and music. The game has an RTP of 98%, higher than many other slots. For added entertainment, random Ghostbusters equipment from the film series, such as the Proton Pack and the PKE Meter, are incorporated to assist players during different levels. The ghost-busting devices add a satisfying touch to the game; however, not quite as much as Jumanji's shaking stampede.

Final thoughts

In the realm of movie-based slot games in 2023, "Jumanji" stands out as the undisputed champion. This captivating slot game beautifully captures the essence of the original 1995 film, immersing players in a world of adventure and peril. The exceptional graphics and immersive sound design by NetEnt transport players to the heart of the jungle, echoing the excitement and danger of the movie. With its unique layout, generous RTP and nostalgic features like "sticky vines" and "wild stampede," Jumanji ensures an exhilarating gaming experience for fans and newcomers alike.

While "Ghostbusters Plus" is a commendable runner-up with its impressive RTP and incorporation of iconic Ghostbusters equipment, it falls just short of the immersive thrill provided by Jumanji. For those seeking to relive cinematic magic through slot games, Jumanji is the undisputed top choice in 2023. Enjoy the adventure, but always remember to play responsibly and abide by gaming regulations in your region.