Since the very early age, gambling has been a part of Indian history. Earlier in religious epics like Mahabharata, there are instances and stories of gambling. But later stricter rules were introduced and gambling in the public houses was prohibited.

There were certain restrictions and punishments related to gambling in the public houses were introduced. There are no clear laws related to gambling in India. There is no mention related to online betting.

Hence more and more people in India have started to bet online using the betting services extended by international bookmakers.

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Online betting in India

Online betting using the online betting apps in India has popularized in recent years mainly because of its flexibility and ease of usage. Here are some of the reasons why more and more people are using online betting apps in India:

Easy Availability

Online betting apps are easily available and have better accessibility. There has been a drastic increase in mobile users in India after the easy accessibility of the internet.

The online betting apps are mostly accessible in all the latest android and iOS versions and do not require any special accessories.

Growing mobile internet

Cheap and affordable broadband plans and easy access to the internet are one of the most essential factors in the online betting industry.

The bookmakers have created efficient online betting apps that are capable of operating under low broadband speeds but still give a decent quality of betting services and live streaming functionalities.

Just the normal internet plans allow you to live stream your favorite matches without buying any different subscriptions.

24/7 Mobile Betting

Using the online betting apps, players can bet anytime and anywhere using their smartphone devices. While commuting to the office or laying on the couch, players can easily wager on their favorite matches.

Online betting in India has become easy due to the betting apps as most people own smartphone devices and can install the betting apps very easy to enjoy betting in India.

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Attractive User Interface

The user interface of the betting apps has started to be very user-friendly and looks very optimized based on customer choice.

Some of the apps provide customizable dashboards and notifications to never miss any important match or odds update.

Unique Features

Online betting apps also provide some unique features like placing multiple bets altogether. So the players can place multiple bets at different odds based on their choice.

The deposit methods have become very easy and convenient as the betting apps accept the deposits in Indian rupees helping the customers not fall into other currency conversion efforts.

The Conclusion

Currently, the online betting market in India is predicted to be 140 million people. 370 million people in India bet on major sports events which is a very huge number.

According to the research, there are more young people in the market who prefer online betting in India.

Online betting is an activity that takes place in all parts of India and most Indians place bets on the most loved sport cricket.

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