Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is crossing the lines as the biggest RPG franchise to the games related to the genre of multilayer battle royale. Fans can finally end the long wait! The game was available to globally open on 11/17 12am(PST)!!!! Can’t no wait!!!

Final Fantasy Vii Announcement

Important Note

The official Twitter issued an urgent notice that if you participated in the CBT, you must uninstall the CBT version so that you can log in the NEW.

 Final Fantasy Vii Important Note

About FF7FS

Final Fantasy 7 was a game that captured a massive audience from its fascinating gaming world, amazing storyline and well-designed characters. Those are expanded to have some pin offs to the movies and games as well. In 2020, there was a remake from Final Fantasy 7. It introduced an entirely new generation for the players into the Midgar, the legendary world, Avalanche rebel group, and the dangerous threats of the Sephiroth. Since this remake introduced some of the stories that fans didn’t see as attractive, Square Enix doubled their down with an exciting plot.

So that amazing plot came to alive as Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, and this is a battle royale game already set before the original. Here, players are fighting to the death to become the first soldier of Shinra.

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Will Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Comes to PC?

No, it won’t come to PC since it is only releasing for the android and iOS platforms. But if you want to play this RPG mobile game through a PC, you can use an emulator. An emulator will help a PC run mobile apps through it, and there are numerous emulators in the gaming market. Among them all, we recommend you the LDPlayer as it can advance your game to the next level with several added tools and features.Final Fantasy 2

Game Features

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is known to be a battle royale game of high octane, and it is well infused with the RPG elements, which was taken from the series of Final Fantasy. The game is set on the Midgar, and there will be events from 30 years before times from the original Final Fantasy VII. This mobile game follows up a fictional industrial enterprise called Shinra, and there are happening soldier experiments.

Here, players are taking part form the online multiplayer battles. While engaging with these battles, they can utilize their weapons, spells and special abilities on defeating their opponents from battles. That is how the players can become the first solder. There are many iconic locations from the previous game Final Fantasy VII taken for this new game.

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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier – Gameplay

The game is more into competitive action shooting along with the RPG elements. The gameplay of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier features some of the fundamental mechanics of battle royales to loot and find the best gear. Players are not required only to deal with their enemy players as there are traditional enemies from Final Fantasy. Defeating both enemies will allow all the players to level up the characters, and as a return, it will increase their statistics for the match.

This game is putting all the players into a megacorporation customizable member for the Shinra Elite soldier unit. You will be put up in the matches along with 75 other players. All of them have to compete on being the last one alive. The game is allowing you to enter its battles. Players are allowed to defeat the in-game monsters, and through that, they can earn experience points, raising their maximum HP and power the skills. You can use the Gil to upgrade your equipment or to purchase some items. And also, these players are allowed to ride across their battlefields through a Chocobo.

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When time passes, the battlefield of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is shrinking and moving the playable areas, and it forces the soldier candidates (the player characters) for confrontations. And they have to procure firearms, accessories, material and the items scattered from the map while keeping their movements to the shrinks. Here, while keeping straight with the movements, they have to compete against the enemies effectively.

Styles of the game can be chosen from various styles, and each of them will hold different strengths. Whether you want to be a warrior or take enemies to the fight with the strongest melee attacks, it is up to you. You can also be a sorcerer or choose to be a combat ninja. Choosing one from these styles has to be done before each battle begins since they determine the player’s style.

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