MillionPugs is a fresh cashback platform enabling gamers to earn in-game content for ordering food or shopping online.

Consequently, instead of purchasing valuable in-game items for World of Warships, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, Heroes and Generals, or Kards, you can get it effortlessly by doing what you normally do. How does it work and how can you get in-game resources using MillionPugs?

What is MillionPugs?

MillionPugs is a fully legit startup that was founded by games enthusiasts. The company is strongly supported by gaming-industry veterans accountable for the success of Twitch, Riot Games, EVE Online, Respawn Entertainment, or Wargaming.

The founders have created a cashback platform allowing players to collect rewards points, called pugs™, for ordering food, or shopping online with almost 1000 brands.

The pugs™ can be later redeemed for in-game content for games like, for example:

  • Doubloons and Skins for World of Warships,
  • Skins or weapons for Heroes and Generals,
  • Officer or Base Packs for Kards,
  • Premium Kegs or Meteorite Powder for Gwent.


The platform is still fresh, but is growing, and new games with powerful game content are planned to appear soon on the MillionPugs list.

Among the preannounced games, you can find such hits like EVE Online, Valorant, or League of Legends.

Therefore, you can expect even more valuable in-game items that will be available on the platform in the forthcoming weeks.

How to use MillionPugs?

MillionPugs allows gamers to use their service in 2 free-of-charge ways:

  1. using the MillionPugs platform solely,
  2. installing the MillionPugs browser extension.

On the website, you can:

  1. create your account,
  2. check out the in-game content you can earn,
  3. redeem points for game items,
  4. check out where you should shop online to increase the number of pugs™ in your wallet.


From there, you can also get links for the deals prepared for MillionPugs users and then activate them in chosen stores.

Although it is possible to limit yourself only to using the MillionPugs website, installing the MillionPugs browser extension is the better way to go.

The MillionPugs browser extension benefits


First of all, the plugin will automatically inform you about the possibility to gain rewards points every time you visit one of the affiliated stores.

It will display a small pop-up allowing you to activate a deal granting you pugs™.


Additional boost of pugs™

Moreover, installing the MillionPugs plugin is rewarded with an additional boost of pugs™.

This additional bonus facilitates the collection of points, especially for beginners, and can significantly speed up earning a sufficient number of pugs™ to get your desired in-game content.

No missed opportunities


Lastly, the browser extension prevents you from missing out on any opportunity to collect points which can happen once you search for deals manually on the website.

As you can see, MillionPugs is a beneficial platform for players allowing them to effortlessly and quickly advance in the game, equipping them with powerful items.

Nevertheless, you can ask yourself now - what’s in there for the founders? How do they benefit from the service they provide if both the plugin and the website are free-of-charge?

How does MillionPugs work?

Truth be told, MillionPugs doesn’t take any money from you. Neither for creating the account, nor for installing the browser extension.

Instead, they earn commissions from brands when users make deals. They take a small cut for themselves, but the rest is used to power up your account with pugs™.

What content can you get?

As already mentioned, the MillionPugs platform is still expanding and the selection of in-game content you can acquire is growing. As of now, you can get content for games, such as:

  1. World of Warships,
  2. Kards,
  3. Heroes and Generals,
  4. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Nevertheless, the next games already in the queue are widely popular titles like EVE Online, Valorant, or League of Legends. Therefore, there is much to look forward to.


For each of the games, you can find exclusive content that often has to be:

  1. purchased with real money in the Premium games stores,
  2. won through special missions, or
  3. obtained with pure luck in the game.

Why use MillionPugs?

Effortless utilization

Installing the MillionPugs plugin makes using the service fully effortless.

It displays a notification every time you land on any of the affiliated stores, which prevents you from missing out on any opportunity to gain pugs™.

For example, once you order a pizza at Grubhub:

  • 3 times, you can already afford Doubloons for WoW, or Shupe Leader Skin for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game,
  • 7 times, you are already able to get yourself a Machine Carbine for Heroes and Generals.

Saving time and effort

Although both founders and users are gaming enthusiasts, both groups are aware of how tedious or costly it is to earn powerful in-game content by simply playing.

Using the MillionPugs platform and browser extension allows you to gain valuable items without any effort.

Moreover, it saves up your time for more absorbing and challenging missions rather than those focusing on getting the desired items.

No fees and no strings attached

Apart from the fact that MillionPugs is free-of-charge for all the users, it is also fully flexible when it comes to the termination of using the services.

You don’t sign any contracts, there is no small print, and you can walk away anytime you feel it doesn’t come in handy anymore.


What is more, MillionPugs respects its users and doesn’t collect any additional information about them. The startup solely gathers data:

  • to create your account,
  • about deals activated to power up your account with pugs™ and let you know about special deals,
  • about the preferences of users to improve their services.

Therefore, MillionPugs collects minimum personal data and doesn’t disseminate this information to third parties. You can read the whole MillionPugs Privacy Policy at

All in all, MillionPugs is a fully legit rewards platform allowing gamers to earn powerful in-game items for their favorite games without any effort. The best part about MillionPugs is the fact that you probably already shop at a few affiliated stores. Consequently, the only step it takes to collect pugs™ and get compelling in-game items is to create an account and install the browser extension.

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