The global eSports industry is positively booming, and it generated revenue of more than $1 billion in 2020. Competitive gaming is breaking into markets all over the world, and India is seen as a lucrative spot because of its vast population of more than 1.3 billion people. Until recently, lack of widespread internet availability had stunted India’s growth in online gaming. But now, online connections are more readily available and 34 percent of people in the country accessed the internet in 2017 – up from 7.5 percent in 2010. mobile

Rise of Online Mobile Play in the Country Has Helped eSports

With internet access becoming widespread in India, the number of mobile users has shot up rapidly. There are now more than 430 million mobile users here, making this by far the most popular way to access games on the internet. One of the biggest ways that Indians have got into online gaming has been through casino offerings. Indeed, it has been estimated that at least 17.2 million people in the country play online casino games. One of the most popular ways to enjoy casino games in India is to play roulette online. A main attraction of this genre is the sheer variety available for players. The games range from Lightning Roulette and European Roulette, to live offerings like Speed Roulette Live and Instant Roulette Live.

Competitive gaming has strong links with the gambling industry, with numerous land-based casinos in Las Vegas and Macao having added eSports arenas to their facilities. Players who get involved with gaming at online casinos may end up hearing about eSports from other players there, or may simply find that their interest in online casino games also spreads into other genres such as competitive gaming.

Major Tournaments Gaining Greater Recognition

One of the main reasons for the rise of eSports in India is down to the fact that some of the major tournaments are gaining greater recognition and are being followed by increasing numbers of people each year. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, otherwise known as PUBG, is one of the most popular mobile eSports in the country and there are regular online tournaments held for the game.

India even has its own dedicated eSports platform now in the Mobile Premier League. It was only launched in 2018 but already has more than 25 million dedicated players, highlighting how rapidly interest in eSports is growing. The platform operated by Galactus Funware Technology Pvt Ltd has various formats including tournaments, 1-vs-1 battles, and fantasy sports. It has the backing of famous Indian celebrities including the cricketer, Virat Kohli, and could be seen as an indication that India’s eSports scene is about to boom.

Online gaming as a whole is blossoming in India thanks to the widespread availability of internet and affordable mobile devices. Online casino and eSports will be the main industries that benefit from this huge nation entering the online market in swarms.