With the growth of internet technology and multiplayer video games, the Esports market is constantly growing bigger. Esports events have huge marketing value for the corresponding games, and because of that, developers are always trying to incorporate it into their games.

The more popular the game, the more players and events there would be. And this is where Esports betting comes into the picture - for just a small bet, you could get a fortune.

What Is Esports Betting?

Esports betting is going to be the next big thing, a cross over between the gaming and betting world - even multiplayer games are actively being tailored to suit betting models.


Betting on Esports is pretty much the same as betting on normal sports. It is somewhat riskier, however, as there are a lot of unrelated elements in Esports that the odd might not really be the reflection of the actual chances for winning and losing. Your bet might easily be taken away if you are not careful.

How Esports Betting Is On The Rise

Currently, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends are the two most popular video games in the world, with a bursting Esports competitive scene and betting scene, both real life and game items.

Both games are super popular - on the prime streaming platform Twitch.tv, they can get tens of thousands of viewers at any time in the day. This is an indicator that a lot of people are more interested in watching the best people play games instead of playing those games themselves. And with more people watching, the number of people who are willing to bet grows.


Those Esports tournaments and events and events are giving big money reward to the winners - with the top being Dota 2's The International 9 Prize Pool of 34 Million dollars. even with this big a prize on the line, there are still players who are willing to throw the match for betting sites, which is a big indication of how much betting on Esports could give you.

How Esports Is Accommodating Bettors

The world of Esports is a super fast-moving one - a popular game last year might become forgotten next year when a new, shinier title is released. With how betting and popularity are related, it is just common sense to expect developers to modify their games to accommodate betting as much as possible.

Take Riot's newest shooter Valorant for example. It is a combination of Blizzard's Overwatch and Valve's CS:GO in one package. They could easily go for the Overwatch route but decided to do without it and pick CS:GO as the main inspiration instead.


The reason behind this is that emulating CS:GO's competitive nature would allow the betting scene to thrive... while copying Overwatch would not... as the game is naturally less competitive (the pro scene of Overwatch is hanging on life support from Blizzard).

Overall, Esports Betting is the future. The only question to ask here is when will it arrives. Betting on Esports in India is actually legal, unlike betting on real sports - the authorities in the country frequently clearing out betting dens.