We see new technology emerging frequently and now more than ever before it has significant impact on businesses, including the gambling business. The gambling industry is growing rapidly every year, especially the Canadian market which is seeing operators releasing new online casinos every month.

As a result of the rapid growth and the demand for gambling, the market demands faster login, more interactive games, bigger bonuses, and the competition is fiercer than ever before. For new casinos to pierce their way in and make it to the top and compete with the most established brands the technology behind every aspect of the online casino must be on par with what is expected in today’s casino landscape. This article lists technology on new Canada online casinos, what’s to be expected in the future and how this development is very positive for you as a customer.

Vr Tech
Vr Tech

Most popular technologies used on new casinos

Johan Löfgren, editor-in chief of Casivo has conducted a research on what the main technologies used for both established casinos and new casinos released. Below is a list of the most common factors that a casino must have in today’s landscape.

Mobile Gaming

The most obvious one which is an absolute must have, is a good mobile experience. Today’s top casinos have a seamless experience from whatever device players are using. This might seem like an obvious one but it’s still many online casinos which today lacks in different aspects when it comes to mobile casino experience. In today’s reality more than 50% of customers are playing through their smartphone or tablet, and the numbers will only increase year on year. It’s one of the key aspects if new casinos will last any chance in the market.

Fast payments and logins

Cashless payments and modern finance solutions has also been a thing for years in the market of Europe, having some years ahead when it comes to the financial technology within gambling. This means that players have a fast, reliable and safe experience when using their money while playing. These payment solutions have yet to be implemented for a lot of online casinos in Canada, yet there are some banking methods faster than other. Cryptocurrencies and Interac direct deposits are two of those that offer faster banking methods than others and more options will compete in this space.

Artificial Intelligence On Online Casinos

The future of online casinos

What does the future hold for casinos and what new emerging tech can we expect to see? While technology is becoming more advanced and available the gaming experience will certainly reach new levels, one of which we have already seen but in a small scale is VR casinos. Despite having a slow start as a device in the everyday home, more online casinos implement the support for VR goggles, for players to truly get the atmosphere of being at the casino.

Another technology which is already way in the works is the ability to watch streams and play together with other players in a stream, allowing to bet on the streamers bet in real time together with the audience. Today there are some casinos who have implemented this and we definitely think this is the one for the future of new online casinos.