Despite the legal environment in the Netherlands being restrictive, its online gaming sector is among the most rapidly expanding in the world. The country officially passed the Remote Gambling Act, allowing licensed operators to offer their services.

As things stand right now, gamers from the Netherlands who want to participate in online casino games are able to do so. The regulations, on the other hand, get more complicated and require gamblers to pay taxes on any winnings if the casino in question owns licences in more than one country.

Online casinos in the country accept a wide array of payment options to meet demand. According to in the Netherlands have developed a fondness for a variety of different payment options in modern times. These methods of payment have been determined to be the most popular, as well as the most  advantageous and convenient. They include:

Online Casino


This is a rapid and secure means of payment for activities involving transferring or receiving money, such as online shopping and online casino gambling. Reportedly, it has completed more than one billion transactions in the Netherlands, indicating its popularity. The iDeal protocol for online payments connects directly to your bank account. Using iDeal to make a payment is easy, whether you're on an e-commerce site or an online betting casino.

If you select iDeal as your preferred payment method on a gaming site, you will be sent to the login page for your bank. Sign in and complete the required fields on your bank's website. As soon as you complete the payment, the funds will be sent directly to the recipient's account. After completion of the procedure, you will be returned to the casino. When a player uses iDeal to pay for an online casino or for any other transaction, there are no transaction fees.

Credit card

The use of a credit card is an authorized and safe method for online monetary transactions. Let's look at the most common credit cards that Dutch casinos accept.

  • VISA: VISA cards are adaptable and may be used to transact cash, acquire digital goods, and fund online casino accounts. This method is the most widely used on online casinos in Netherlands. To add money to your bankroll, choose VISA from the list of deposit methods. Provide your card information, enter amount, and submit the transaction. Funds should be available in your casino account within minutes.
  • MasterCard: MasterCard is accepted at all online casinos that take card payments. The card provides several services to facilitate cashless transactions on numerous online casinos. The deposit process is similar to the VISA one, but you will choose MasterCard as your preferred payment option.
  • Maestro: The primary distinction between Maestro and the above card issuers is that Maestro is a debit/prepaid-only system. This means that you cannot access games on your chosen casino if you don't funds in your bank account. Thus, those who frequent online casinos and seek to control their gambling habit while still enjoying real-money gaming can benefit from such a card. Again, the deposit procedure is the same as the VISA one, but your will select Maestro as your payment method from the given list. It is vital to note that Maestro is owned by MasterCard.

Bank transfers

All of the online casinos active in the Netherlands support bank transactions made over the internet. Therefore, after you have determined the online casino in which you want to play, go to the cashier tab and then pick the deposit option. After that, choose bank transfer as your form of payment, input the amount that you want to transfer, and fill out your bank details.

You may have to go through a money transfer verification process, and this may involve submitting a unique code that you will obtain via SMS if your bank has this security feature. In the last step, money will be sent from your personal account to your casino account. The time it takes for the transaction will vary based on your bank. It might happen practically immediately, or it could take an hour or so.


An e-wallet is basically an online service that enables mobile payments. The program will ask for your payment details. This data may be obtained from your bank or credit/debit cards.

The most popular digital wallets used for online gambling in the Netherlands are:

  • Trustly: This is a streamlined and simple technique for making deposits at online casinos from your bank. To deposit funds into your bankroll, click the 'Deposit' button and choose Trustly as your preferred payment option. You will receive a list of banks. Find your bank and fill in the required details. Enter the amount and confirm the transaction via a two-step verification.
  • Klarna: As a major fintech platform, Klarna enables customers to make direct payments to merchants. It's also an easy way to make deposits at online casinos. The deposit process is almost similar to the Trustly one. It is straightforward.

Both Trustly and Klarna offer privacy. Your financial information will not be disclosed to the casino. The respective service will approve the funds from your bank or credit/debit card and then send the funds to the casino with their internal systems.