Cheating in games is something that many will have differing opinions on. Some will suggest that it can help to enhance the overall gameplay experience, whilst there are others that will argue that it ruins the game and makes things rather unfair.

Indeed, those that are on the latter side of the argument will want to use Wish Casinos as they will be able to enjoy games that do not allow cheating to happen, although those that enjoy traditional video games might be disappointed to hear of the latest news regarding one of the biggest titles to have been released recently.

Elden Ring Trailer

There is no denying that Elden Ring is one of the biggest titles to have been launched, with the game continuing to be incredibly successful with players all around the world, however there are a few that have found a way to make it a lucrative and rewarding experience for themselves in addition to being enjoyable.

According to a recent report made by PC Gamer, it has been found that there are a number of players who are selling Runes on auction sites such as eBay; something that is against the rules of the game.

How are players completing transactions?

For those unaware, Runes are an in-game currency that is used by players in order to help level themselves up and improve their character, and they typically require a lot of work in order to be able to obtain them fairly. However, it seems that players are now splashing a small amount of money on the auction sites such as eBay in order to acquire millions of Runes to bypass the hard work and level up as quickly as possible.

Elden Ring Magic

Indeed, it would seem players are making the purchase and then trading them via a special technique that has been discovered, as the game does not actually allow for in-game trading of Runes. In order to do this, Elden Ring players are setting meetings between each other where the seller will simply drop the number of Runes being sold from their inventory, which can then be picked up by the player who has paid for them.

Of course, this can be considered to be rather dangerous for a number of reasons. The possibility of being scammed would have to be considered very real as there is nothing that can protect a player from it happening, especially as it is against the rules. There is the chance that anyone caught participating in this could be permanently banned from playing the game, whilst software could wipe any of the Runes obtained from the wallet.

Obtaining Runes is easy

Although we can appreciate that obtaining Runes as a transactional offer can be rather appealing, it should be noted that acquiring your own Runes can be easy enough to do, even if it can be time-consuming and require a bit of work.

Players can unlock them by beating enemies, taking on the bosses in Elden Ring, and by simply uncovering the treasure chests that can be found out in the wild. It certainly does not seem worth the potential of being banned, therefore, as appealing as it might be, just do not do it and risk spoiling the game for yourself.

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