Since its launch in January 2021, YOOZO Games, the developer of the Infinity Kingdom online game, constantly finds ways to keep us hooked in the adventure-packed environment. As a result, the game’s popularity has continued to soar over the past year, and for a good reason. Its gameplay and features are impressive, to say the least, and most of us gamers can’t have enough of the riveting entertainment.


Whether you’re into conventional video games, mobile games, esports, or even online casino games, if you’ve never played the Infinity Kingdom, then it’s high time you give the game a shot. The world is taking notice of this immersive online game, and you shouldn’t be left out in all the excitement. It was first launched in Europe and the United States, and in January 2022, YOOZO Games debuted the chart-topper in Japan to welcome more players into the mind-blowing experience.

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On January 24th, 2022, Infinity kingdom launched an electrifying 60-day online event dubbed “Revival of Cities.” The event features tons of amazing capabilities that will take player immersion to new and exciting levels that have never been experienced before in this title. However, before we jump into what ‘Revival of Cities’ is all about, here are some basics for your Infinity Kingdom orientation if you are new to the game:

Searching for Infinity

If there is a game to awaken your conquering spirit, then the Infinity Kingdom is it. It’s a cartoon-style mobile game set on a fictional Norheim continent. The storyline places you at the center of the game as a Lord trying to protect your land from the evil gnomes who want to take over. Some of the key aspects you must understand in your fight for making your kingdom last for infinity and beyond include:

  • Immortals. The Infinity kingdom game offers you 50 immortals meant to help you in your quest to serve humanity for eternity. These immortals are your big guns, and the roster is stacked with names like Merlin, Robin Hood, Julius Ceasar, Bjorn Ironside, and Cleopatra, among many other legendary figures.
  • Epic Dragons. There is an epic dragon awakening that offers a high-risk, high reward scenario. There are 7 dragon eggs that you must risk your life to acquire. Claim the eggs, hatch them, and proceed to nurture them to grow into fierce dragon fighters that can help you protect your Norheim city.
  • Ruins. Ruins spread across the world map are vital in helping you gain Stele Shards as you build your empire. The Stele Shards will be useful in revealing parts of Norheim’s history and are an easy path to rewards.

Of course, these are just the basics, and there’s a lot more you’ll discover in the game as you continue to play the captivating strategy game. Back to the 60-day Revival of Cities online event, here’s a quick highlight.

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Revival of Cities

The premise of Revival of Cities is that your kingdom is suffering, and the people are looking up to you for protection. So, your task is to protect your citizens and even form alliances with Japanese lords (now that the game is available in Japan) to rebuild and expand.

The online event will be taking place in the OB server, Norheim server 136, and is all about teamwork. One of the most crucial aspects you must learn when playing this event is how to gain as many points as possible. You are supposed to earn points by progressively taking over the cities and constructing them to higher levels. Alliance with other members is key as they offer protection when you are attacked and, of course, boost your firepower. Make sure that you form a formidable garrison so that you do not find yourself isolated in case of an enemy attack.

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Quick Tips to Help You Thrive in Revival of Cities

To get ahead in the 60-day online event, here are some useful strategies:

  1. First, use resources to upgrade your castle and training centers. This will boost your troop power and reinforce your capacity to capture castles.
  2. Get close to cities before they open in preparation to attack. However, you must be careful with the proximity to the cities so that you are not caught off guard and ambushed by enemy players. Watch your back.
  3. Destroy the perimeter, then send troops to attack the blocks closest to your city.
  4. Capture a city, then send in garrisons to raise the level of the city. The points garnered from this event are highly hinged on how you can conquer a city then rebuild it.

Rebuild, Conquer, Expand!

The Revival of Cities event is an opportunity for you to garner plenty of points provided you deploy the right strategies, one of the most important being forming strong alliances. Good luck with rebuilding, conquering, and expanding in the Infinity Kingdom!

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