GTA San Andreas is a great PC game but players can get bored quickly if they have experienced all the content in the game. Thanks to different mods developed by the community, players can add new content to the game themselves and keep enjoying it.

Some of the mods can help players make money easier. While it seems useless, many players don't want to use cheats to get money instantly and rather earn money by their own hands. These mods help reduce the pain of grinding for money while adding more entertainment to the game.

5) Money Giver

This is a simple script that allows you to add money to your account with only a button. Players can choose to add how much money they want or decrease the amount of money they are having.

4) Ped Money Tweaker

This mod lets players change the amount of money each type of NPC is carrying. You can change the setting yourself in the INI file to adjust the amount drop money to maximum or minimum.

Ped Money
Ped Money Tweaker mod GTA San Andreas

3) Securicar Drop Money

Getting money without doing anything challenging can make the game quite boring. With this mod, all security vans in the game will carry money and you can rob them by blowing them up to get the money.

Securicar Drop Money
Securicar Drop Money mode GTA san Andreas

2) Take the Money and Run

This is a mission mod that is procedurally generated, which means the situation in the mission will be different every time. This mod has high replayability and most important, you will be able to get a good sum of money every time you complete it.

1) Transporter Robbery

This is another mission mod that can get you quite a lot of money in GTA San Andreas while having fun. The mission is to steal money from a security van, but you don't have to blow it up.

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