GTA Online is an excellent edition of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. There are many fun and interesting things to experience in GTA Online, such as driving, swimming, playing sports, etc. Here are the most fun and interesting things that you shouldn't miss.

#1. Los Santos Police Department

GTA Online players often have fun with police officers in the game. You can roam around the lobbies of the Los Santos Police Department with weaponized vehicles, guns, and explosives and wreak havoc. When you attracted cops successfully, they will chase you on foot or by car.

Playing around with cops in the Los Santos Police Department is one of the top fun and exciting things to do in GTA Online. Punch police outside the department in GTA Online and run away. Then, you will have fun with them.

Play With Cops
Playing with cops is really fun in GTA Online.

#2. Modding Cars/Bikes

GTA Online also allows players to modify their vehicle which is really enjoyable and addictive. There are a lot of skins and options for your cars and motorbikes. Moreover, the Tuners DLC makes the car community in this game much huger with plenty of new vehicles and features.

Vehicle updates make the game more attractive and fun to play. A large number of players get lost in the game world and enjoy the vehicle modification feature of the game.

Gta Online Start Los Santos Tuners Update
You can modify your vehicles.

#3. Flying Aircrafts

One of the most interesting things to experience in GTA Online is flying aircraft. There are many types of planes and flying vehicles to fly, such as cargo planes, choppers, jets, flying cars, and flying bikes. You can choose your favorite one to control.

Then, enjoy this fun activity with friends or even make a race in the sky. You can also create a spectacular performance with skillful acrobatics.

Fly The Aircraft
Players can fly the aircraft.

#4. Sports

GTA Online is the most preferred game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise because it brings many real-life activities to the game, including sports. You can take part in many sports, such as tennis, golf, darts, shooting, arm wrestling, etc. in GTA Online with friends.

That's so great to have a competition with your friends and show off your skills. Playing real-life sports in this RPG is really additive. If you are too lazy to run around the tennis course and hit the ball, you can also practice tennis skills in GTA Online.

Play Sports
Playing sports in this game is very enjoyable.

#5. Photography

Another interesting activity that you shouldn't miss in GTA Online is photography. Each player has a smartphone with the Snapmatic app. You can take photos of stunning and spectacular scenery in Los Santos.

GTA Online map has plenty of stunning locations to visit and take photos of, such as Vespucci Beach, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, Raton Canyon, Vinewood, Grand Senora Desert, Paleto Bay, etc.

Don't miss these fun and entertaining activities in GTA Online. They will give you lots of great experiences in the game.

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